Protective Technology Services for the Department of State

ManTech has many opportunities to support Diplomatic Security in the protection of people, property, and information through security technology efforts and provide a safe and secure environment for the conduct of U.S. foreign policy. All positions require a current TOP SECRET security clearance.

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Available Positions


Business TitleReq. IDLocationClearance Level Needed
ECM Material Manager--OCONUS94119BRIRAQ BaghdadTop Secret
ECM Electronics Technician III94140BRUSA VIRGINIA ArlingtonTop Secret
ECM Material Manager94069BRUSA VIRGINIA ArlingtonTop Secret
ECM Electronics Technician III-OCONUS94051BROVERSEASTop Secret
CCR Technician III-OCONUS94059BROVERSEASTop Secret
S&W Command and Control C2 Technician-OCONUS93986BROVERSEASSecret
S&W Command and Control C2 Operator-OCONUS93989BROVERSEASSecret
S&W Command and Control C2 Technician-OCONUS94002BRIRAQ BaghdadSecret
S&W Command and Control C2 Technician-OCONUS94004BROVERSEASSecret
S&W Command and Control C2 Technician-OCONUS93963BROVERSEASSecret
PTL Technical Operations Team Leader (Domestic Support)93646BRUSA VIRGINIA ArlingtonTop Secret
ECM Engineer III93782BRUSA VIRGINIA ArlingtonTop Secret
PTL Operations Coordinator93783BRUSA VIRGINIA ArlingtonSecret
PTL Watch Stander Level II (domestic)93784BRUSA VIRGINIA ArlingtonTop Secret
PTL Watch Stander Level III (domestic)93785BRUSA VIRGINIA ArlingtonTS/SCI
PTL Domestic Support Team Specialist93786BRUSA WEST VIRGINIA Summit PointTop Secret
VPIM Deputy Program Lead93797BRUSA VIRGINIA SterlingTop Secret
S&W Project Lead93798BRUSA VIRGINIA ArlingtonTop Secret
MVS Project Manager93672BRUSA VIRGINIA ArlingtonTop Secret
OSB Material Manager-OCONUS93673BROVERSEASTop Secret
OSB Senior Material Manager-OCONUS93674BROVERSEASTop Secret
S&W Command and Control C2 Operator-OCONUS93678BRIRAQ BaghdadSecret
S&W Command and Control C2 Operator-OCONUS93679BRIRAQ BasrahSecret
S&W Command and Control C2 Operator-OCONUS93684BROVERSEASSecret
S&W Command and Control C2 Operator-OCONUS93685BROVERSEASSecret

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