ACTP Introduction to Android

Introduction to the Android Platform is a 5-day course taught in our Hanover, MD, facility. Android devices are provided for the students who are taught by senior CNO developers with years of Android experience.

Dates are December 11 - 15, 2017

Class Description

  • Build Android™ user-mode and kernel-mode images from source to create custom environments
  • Develop, build, and deploy programs to elevate access and enable root on their provided Android device
  • Write programs that interact with device sensors, microphones, WiFi, GPS, and camera
  • Port existing programs to the ARM platform
  • Decompile and reverse  engineer Android apps
  • Develop, build, debug, and deploy native C code programs


Students should have a bachelor's degree in Computer Science or Computer Engineering, or equivalent experience. Experience in UNIX programming, Assembly programming, and Java development is also suggested.

Only ManTech's employees and government employees may attend the course.

Registration and Info

Direct Dial: (443) 820-2195
Fax: (410) 712-4055
Full course enrollment is also available on the GSA schedule: GS-35F-0142W  

See the course schedule.