Information Systems Continuous Monitoring


The Information Security Continuous Monitoring (ISCM) Course is an intensive training experience led by seasoned Information System Security and Technology professionals. It provides methods and approaches to assist the student to develop a structured approach to executing Risk Management Framework (RMF) Steps 3 (Implement Controls), 4 (Assess Controls), and 6 (Monitor Controls) within the DoD Community.

The ISCM course will deliver policy guidelines, methodologies, plans, processes, templates, and system security requirements, as well as explain the roles, responsibilities, and technical security control implementation, assessment, and monitoring associated with RMF requirements.

Through hands-on labs and demonstrations, the student will become familiar with various DoD provided templates, processes, and tools. This will provide the student with the knowledge and confidence to address the current RMF requirements in a rational and practical manner. The student will be armed with the knowledge and tools required to ensure that their information system continually operates at an acceptable level of risk.

Maintaining Your ISC(2) and CompTIA Certifications

After completing the ISCM course you may claim 24 CPE’s (Continuing Professional Education), and 24 CEU’s (Continuing Education Units) towards maintaining your A+, Network+, Security+, and CISSP. 

Onsite Presentation

The Information Systems Continuous Monitoring course can be purchased as an onsite presentation. The fixed price for the course is $35,000.00. This price does not include a facility in which to host the course. If the customer is unable to provide a suitable facility, one can be provided at an additional cost. The cost of the course includes presentation of the 3-day course for a maximum of 16 students, course textbooks, and reference materials for each student..

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