Mission Assurance

ManTech provides comprehensive mission assurance in the development, acquisition, manufacturing, testing, integration, and site support of mission critical systems to include space lift and satellite systems. We provide full spectrum security; reliability, maintainability, and availability engineering; systems-safety engineering; hardware and software quality engineering; software assurance practices; and lifecycle support. ManTech personnel develop and review mission assurance and safety requirements and carry out design reviews and analysis, safety analysis, requirements verification, test readiness reviews, integration and test support, and operations support to ensure that those requirements are designed into systems.



  • Full spectrum security
  • Launch safety
  • System safety
  • Software assurance and independent verification and validation
  • Risk management
  • Quality assurance
  • Mission sustainability
  • Environmental engineering


  • National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)
  • National Reconnaissance Office
  • U.S. Air Force 
  • U.S. Navy
  • Missile Defense Agency
  • Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency


Program Examples

NASA, Mission Assurance and Safety

ManTech provides comprehensive safety, reliability, quality assurance, and engineering support to NASA Flight Projects. This includes application of reliability, systems-safety engineering; hardware-quality engineering; software-assurance practices; and risk management.

We develop and review safety and mission-assurance requirements and ensure that these requirements are designed into systems. We manage technical risks and ensure that flight projects optimize their designs for safety and mission assurance performance through reliability analyses, worst-case analyses, unit and system-level failure modes effects and criticality analyses (FMECAs); and probabilistic risk assessments. We provide independent review of space system programs and projects and provide launch support to spacecraft during payload integration and actual launch operations.

U.S. Air Force, Mission Satellite Launch

ManTech is honored to support the launch of the Advanced Extremely High Frequency (AEHF) mission satellite. The AEHF series is the next generation of global communications satellites used by all branches of the U.S. military. Combatant commanders and operational forces worldwide will use the AEHF system to provide secure, responsive, and survivable space-based, strategic, and tactical military communications.

Supporting the U.S. Air Force Space and Missile Systems Center, ManTech’s Space Systems Launch and Range team of acquisition, engineering and integration professionals work shoulder-to-shoulder with the Air Force and the United Launch Alliance, makers of the Atlas V rocket that launches the satellite, from initial acquisition through day of launch. Together we ensure that space-based communications technology allows our military to coordinate increasingly complex military operations. ManTech’s job is to perform systems engineering: We make sure that the different systems used on the Evolved Expendable Launch Vehicles (EELV) work together flawlessly and that satellites are integrated properly on both Atlas and Delta rockets. The team also supports integration of NASA spacecraft onto launch vehicles, such as in the recent launch of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory's Mars Science Laboratory.