Data Collection & Analytics

​​​"Seize the Intelligence, Own the Future"
A single day’s Internet ​data tops 2.5 quintillion bytes (Think 2.5 followed by 18 zeros). In the last 12 months, more data was created than in the prior 5,000 years of humanity. Fathoming such massive volumes is essential to safeguarding national and homeland security, and managing the business of government.

Big Data can hold both peril and opportunity. Recognizing which is in play hinges on empowering connected machines and computers to learn, evolve and improve in order to glean finite, actionable intelligence from mountains of data. ManTech’s Data Collection and Analytics solutions are the right tools for the job.


Intelligence Lifecycle
Our ManTech intelligence and counterintelligence (CI) solutions provide information that helps to protect critical infrastructure assets and national security resources with customized and customizable programs.