Process development and implementation

ManTech uses a cost-effective, disciplined, and flexible process for managing acquisition and technical requirements. This framework helps us develop viable and sustainable technical solutions and encourages continuous improvement throughout a project’s lifecycle. We have developed disciplined systems-engineering processes that produce robust total-system solutions that adapt easily to changing technical, production, and operation conditions and balance requirements, design considerations, and program constraints.

Mission analysis and architecture

ManTech analyzes mission tasks and capabilities to develop operational concepts and design architecture based on top-level mission needs. We use state-of the-art modeling and simulation tools to create an executable architecture and analyze alternatives against associated lifecycle costs. This ManTech analytical process delivers integrated solutions that are socially, economically, and environmentally responsible while meeting mission objectives.

Requirements analysis, development, and management

The mission analysis culminates in a full understanding of the technical requirements and associated quantitative performance metrics required to support the mission. ManTech uses industry-recognized tools to trace the user’s needs to the technical system requirements.

System design and development

ManTech engineers use our vast experience in systems engineering to design systems from the ground up to meet specific requirements. We define the architecture, components, modules, interfaces, and data for any system, using proven integrated methodologies to control costs, maintain schedules, evaluate for performance.

Tactical systems development and integration

Modern warfare, intelligence collection, and law enforcement rely on the successful integration of different systems that exchange information between command and tactical elements. ManTech has extensive experience in developing advanced software for geospatial, command-and-control training and other requirements, and we ensure critical interoperability and support of these systems.

Systems administration

ManTech professionals bring the skills to administer any system, from the most simple to the most complex. We provide the entire range of system-administration services, including system backups and recovery, maintaining user accounts and data files, monitoring system configuration to ensure data integrity, installing hardware and software, conducting system upgrades, evaluating and installing patches, and resolving software- and security-related problems. We also conduct training, maintain documentation, and provide front-line customer support for IT-related problems.

Border security

ManTech manages a wide array of large-scale systems, providing expertise from concept through deployment. Our approach is proven, disciplined, and responsive to changing technical, production, and operational conditions. It adapts easily to the user’s needs and balances well across competing requirements, design considerations and program constraints.

Radiological and nuclear detection

Detection and identification of illicit nuclear material is the key to interdiction, and ManTech’s nuclear experts apply systems-engineering discipline to the task of developing advanced capabilities to model, measure, and optimize the performance of detection systems. Our capabilities include performance modeling to evaluate radiation detectors, operational modeling integrated with detector performance to appraise concepts of operation, and the evaluation and development of detection and isotope-identification algorithms.

Modeling and simulation

ManTech delivers comprehensive modeling and simulation (M&S) support from engineering- and physics-based modeling through campaign-level modeling, including force-on-force agent-based models in the defense and homeland-security domains. We view M&S as a capability that supports overall systems-engineering analysis, requirements definition, and verification and validation. ManTech experts also use M&S best practices to maximize the value of test investments. We do this by providing predictive modeling for test planning, model validation against empirical data, and validated modeling in the untested and untestable space.

Independent Verification & Validation

ManTech provides the full range of independent verification and validation (IV&V) services across the systems-engineering lifecycle. Our engineers have deep experience in all phases, including baseline and characterization testing of current and emerging technology, demonstrations of advanced technology, pilot programs, developmental testing, system-qualification and integration testing, and field validation and operational testing. This institutional and real-world knowledge allows us to take a holistic approach to meeting technical and operational requirements, using TADI (test, analysis, demonstrate, or inspection) and other methods. Our support services include development of validation and verification strategies, test-event planning, test-campaign execution, data collection and quality control, and data analysis and reporting.

Enterprise architecture

ManTech has extensive experience in modeling business processes together with the data, systems, and technology that support them. This allows us to cut costs by reusing valid components and eliminating redundancies. First we work with our customers to understand how they measure success. Then we use those measures to define potential deficiencies, create operational models that assist in understanding and analyzing problems, and evaluate alternative solutions to determine the best return on investment.

Concepts of Operations

A concept of operations is one of the basic products in our mission analysis. Once the concept is developed, we use our state-of-the-art conflict analysis simulation tool to visually represent and further refine it. Working collaboratively with our customers, we conduct gap analyses, analyses of alternatives, and trade studies to identify operational requirements and propose materiel and non-materiel solutions.

Risk management

ManTech’s systems engineers provide cradle-to-grave planning and analysis of enterprise risk from program conception to final disposition. We evaluate the exposure of complex programs to cost, schedule, and performance risk, develop risk-control strategies, and track the handling of risk as investments are made in risk mitigation. We use EVM (earned value management) and risk-based decision techniques to provide critical technical advice in monitoring, tracking and controlling the cost, schedule and technical-performance metrics for large-scale, complex government programs to develop and acquire systems that are critical to national defense.

Milestone and technical reviews

A phased acquisition process and critical entrance and exit criteria at key milestones are the foundation of ManTech’s cost-effective solutions. We apply the long-proven tenets of the Integrated Defense Acquisition, Technology, and Logistics Life Cycle Management Framework (formerly JCIDS) to our customers’ systems-engineering lifecycle (SELC). We formulate the guidance for milestone reviews and system technical reviews, develop doctrine and processes to carry out those reviews, and execute the required program-management actions within an integrated enterprise framework. ManTech adds discipline to the acquisition process and provides the program manager with the information necessary to make decisions throughout a program’s lifecycle.

Reliability and maintainability

ManTech’s skills in engineering design and analysis make for a practical approach to ensuring that systems are reliable and easy to maintain. We can predict product performance in detail and evaluate the effects of design changes, which results in effective, reliable, and durable products. We view reliability as an essential and integral component of product design and development.