Developmental test and evaluation and flight-test engineering

ManTech’s developmental test and evaluation (T&E) professionals verify systems for all types of federal acquisition programs, from planning through reporting phases. Our test engineers develop requirements and assess the technical maturity of systems before those systems are designated as programs of record. We monitor and review vendor testing to verify system performance against the technical specifications, and we plan and conduct developmental testing to ensure that systems are ready for operational testing. ManTech professionals are experienced in fielding systems rapidly and adapting test strategies and execution to support the needs of the end user.

Air vehicle and weapons systems

ManTech has more than 33 years of experience supporting the unique environment of Air Vehicle and Weapons Systems T&E. Our services range from program management to research, design, computation, verification, and validation of test data.

Operational test and evaluation

ManTech’s operational T&E professionals plan and execute a wide array of operational programs to ensure that systems meet requirements for effectiveness, suitability, interoperability, and survivability in operational environments. ManTech’s test engineers plan and conduct integrated testing to streamline cost, schedule, and risk during operational testing. Our approach minimizes “surprise discovery” during Initial Operational T&E (IOT&E).


ManTech’s analysts transform data collected during testing into actionable knowledge for acquisition program decision-makers. We use a wide range of analytical tools to produce timely and accurate evaluations of system performance and provide critical information to determine cost, schedule, risk, and performance. ManTech personnel design, develop, test, operate, and maintain portable and laboratory-based signature-measurement systems. We have directly supported hundreds of full- and model-scale submarine and surface-ship signature trials and designed and developed real-time data-acquisition software used on board submarines.

Ballistics and safe separation analysis

ManTech develops and tests fleet products for air vehicles and stores compatibility, aircraft models, weapons-ballistics analysis, weapons-fragmented analysis and aircraft safe-escape analysis. These products provide the tools necessary for safe and accurate use of weapons and responsive mission planning.

Test-exercise support

ManTech provides specialized scientific, engineering, technical, and program-management services for submarine and surface-ship signature-silencing programs. We support signature-measurement trials, engineering, and technical work for projects and research, development, and T&E activities.

Certification testing

ManTech has unmatched experience in developing and using methodologies for ballistics, safe escape and stores compatibility for FA-18 and F-35 certification testing. Our certification testing ensures that software functions correctly and with absolute accuracy. We have the necessary technical and operational experience in weapon build-up, loading, and delivery to recognize critical issues.