Data is moving faster and growing quicker than many organizations ever imagined possible. For our ManTech customers that data includes billions of location-rich data sets streaming

from satellites, drones, ships, aircraft, Wi-Fi, access points, hand-held devices, open sources and other infrastructures. Across agencies and missions, as those data volumes grow, so too does the complexity that comes with managing it. The enormity of the opportunity that comes with mining and understanding those datasets for actionable intelligence grows exponentially, as well.

That’s where A3 – Analytics, Automation and Artificial Intelligence – comes in.

A3 is about supporting our customers’ critical national security missions – from securing our borders to space exploration and everything in between – by leveraging cutting-edge, rapid-fire data analytics capabilities in real time; using automation to continually accelerate those capabilities; and applying artificial intelligence to constantly evolve and enhance them – thus creating more data and more terrain to explore.

This is why effective data ingenuity is at the core of A3.  We focus on the disciplines of data integration, data and digital engineering and deep cognitive computational neuroscience (CCN) in order to deliver business intelligence, mission intelligence and advanced analytics to our customers. It is all about facilitating better, faster, smarter, actionable decision-making when it matters most.

ManTech’s A3 capability is a representation of our strategic focus on dynamic digital and data aptitude across analytics, automation, and artificial intelligence. We bring a human-centered design approach together with synergizing data ecosystems for our customers.  Whether it is developing intelligent autonomous systems leveraging AI; creating machine learning models to fight bad actors; or powering customer businesses with automation, A3 is now an essential element of “Bringing Digital to the Mission ®.”

A3 supports customer operations by providing interactive data visualizations, automated data normalization and multi-source data fusion analytic capabilities with low latency and near real-time results. These capabilities help us capture, create, and deploy value across our customer segments, in areas that matter most to them and their mission objectives.

It is the cornerstone upon which ManTech will deliver leading-edge and tactical-edge capabilities across complex customer environments, leveraging – and in some cases creating – the technologies necessary to derive critical, essential data insights and intelligence for our customers. One example: A3 creating digital, data-powered networks that scale in support of our warfighters.

We know that our customers are increasingly challenged with navigating the intersection of analytics, automation, and artificial intelligence. We also know that together these capabilities can be powerful in helping support the mission with greater speed and effectiveness as well as new insights and intelligence not previously available.

ManTech helps advance the mission - at speed - starting where our customers are today and moving toward new, real-time intelligence and response. We are investing in A3 – including hyper-scale analytics, robotic process automation (RPA) and leading-edge AI and machine learning technologies – to evolve our ability to help customers drive efficiency, realize cost savings, and achieve better performance and outcomes. Actionable intelligence derived from analytics that advance the mission can make all the difference.

And we’re committed to doing just that.

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