We recently interviewed Eric, who is the Vice President & Division Manager of Innovative Security Solutions for Mission, Cyber & Intelligence (MCIS) Group at ManTech. You can view the full interview below:

Eric Brown Headshot

When did you first come to work for ManTech?

I worked for ManTech from 2004 to 2008 as a technical director and senior technical adviser. I managed a diverse team of highly skilled employees in a number of disciplines and providing technical leadership and oversite to the company’s cyber portfolio.

When did you come back and why?

I returned in the middle of 2018. I was drawn by the mission focus, the capabilities and the shared culture of working hard to make sure we deliver mission critical solutions to our customers. Comparing the company to a decade ago, there has been tremendous change for the better. The decision-making process has been streamlined and ManTech is positioned for exponential growth, allowing for reinvestment and stockholder growth over the next few years.

How would you describe ManTech’s culture?

Working at ManTech is a team endeavor! Everyone I’ve come across is inclusive. There is expressed interest in wanting to learn and improve the offerings we deliver to our customers, which results in a collective and shared culture of innovation and continuous improvement. By partnering with our customers, we know the direct impact that our solutions have in mission operations, bringing an uncontested level of satisfaction to the team by understanding the impact the members have on operations.

Would you refer a friend and what would you tell them about working here?

Absolutely. And I would tell them to be sure to understand the role you’ll be supporting and how it affects the mission and the organization. Here at ManTech, we make certain that everyone understands how each team member contributes to the mission – and that is “Securing the Future.” This is the place to be if you are interested in providing a safe and resilient legacy for our families.