Advanced Testing, Evaluation and Cyber Training

ManTech Commercial Services (MCS) and our highly-skilled experts are equipped to provide collaborative solutions to critical cyber challenges. Our innovative approach increases efficiency and lowers costs while incorporating business processes and tools within ManTech’s architecture methodology.
ManTech’s ACRE® is a unique physical and virtualized cyber range that brings best-in-class cyber defense to a new generation of professionals. Existing system and network infrastructures can be replicated on ACRE®, and then activated with realistic collaborative solutions for traffic, users, and malware including compliance and log retention, security information and event management, security operations center supplementation or replacement, risk reduction, insider threat, information assurance, cyber range customization and hands-on cyber training. Watch Video
The ReadyRange™ subscription-based Lab as a service allows access to an ACRE®-hosted environment
where users can easily build their own virtual networks and run their own cyber ranges.

Hyper-Realistic Testing:

Cyber Range

•    ReadyRange lab as a service
•    Cyber Range service delivery
•    Safe and legal place to set off malware
•    Cyber services platform for testing, training, and exercises
•    ReadyRange Express automated range customization and delivery
•    Persistent access and rapid environment reset
•    Realistic IT environments and professional development
•    Development test lab enables unlimited testing or experimentation and “proofs of concepts”
•    Tiered subscription service

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•    “Train as You Fight” professional development services
•    Scalable, repeatable, packaged Cyber Exercises
•    CompTIA CEUs available upon completion
•    Hands-on and realistic
•    Real-time cyber defense training
•    Live-fire exercises
•    Simulating “a bad day at work”
•    Test incident response knowledge/decisions
•    Practice and improve Enterprise Cyber Security effectiveness, risk management and contingency operations
•    Evaluate mitigated risk strategies
•    Identify risks, assess current risk strategy, business impact, and sizing/cost of risk

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What our customers are saying:

  • “Seeing Ransomware propagate throughout the environment and experiencing the deception techniques are something that must be experienced to appreciate adequately. Add to this the heightened emotional state of seeing the network that you are responsible for fall victim, and this "simulation" gives a completely unique experience that I have never received elsewhere. This is not a product demo where the variables are controlled to paint a technology solution in the best light; the product, in these instances, is the practitioner."
  • “The exercise was well conceived and represented realistic TTPs that are valuable to see in action.”
  • “I’m tired. This feels just like a real engagement."
  • "I see there are a couple other exercises. If they are of this quality, I would enjoy them. I think I like the remote method. I had two monitors set up and a big desk to spread out my notes. Onsite exercises where we are crammed in and only can use our small laptops is frustrating."
  • “It was great getting to use a variety of open source tools for network analysis. Getting to work with people outside my organization allows an opportunity to experience a greater range of technical expertise and ways of thinking that vary from what I am used to inside my organization.”
  • “The critical thinking aspect is good for someone who doesn’t have the opportunity to investigate these types of events on a daily basis.”
  • “This was great to have the hands-on live data…it’s not very often that training makes you nervous as a work experience.”
  • “It was interesting to see an environment that was very different from the one I see every day. The exercise validated a lot of the things we are doing right. I loved watching the use of skills. I have not had much exposure to being used to mitigate the infection. [This exercise] gave me some new skills to pursue acquiring.”
  • “Working with a team was a very good experience because I was able to see how others tackle the same problem.”
  • "We were able to compare what our actual response would be in our environment to the range and validate protections that we have in place.”
  • “The exercise helped in seeing simulations from both an attacker and defender perspective. The phases were well thought out.”


Now available via NITAAC

Federal agencies can now order ManTech's ACRE(R) solution directly via NITAAC, the National Institutes of Health's IT Acquisition and Assessment Center. Learn more about how ACRE’s network replication can help bring best-in-class cyber defense expertise to your teams.

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