ACRE® - The ManTech Advanced Cyber Range Environment 

Learn to respond with tactical speed and effectiveness in real-life cyber attack scenarios through immersion in the most advanced cyber testing, evaluation and training environment. The ManTech Advanced Cyber Range Environment is a unique physical and virtualized facility that brings ManTech’s best-in-class cyber defense expertise to a new generation of professionals in business, infrastructure, transportation and federal civilian agencies.

Learn From the Best

Experience is everything in the unforgiving world of cyber defense, and ManTech is a pioneer in cyber. With more than 20 years’ experience, we were engaged in cyber before “cyber” even got its name. And we have applied our expertise to designing and building cyber ranges for more than a decade. Cyber specialists in the U.S. Department of Defense, the U.S. Marine Corps, the National Guard Bureau, and many other national security institutions have sharpened their skills and learned new ones in our ranges.

Building on an Infrastructure as a Service model coupled with more than a dozen proprietary tools, ManTech can do what other cyber range providers cannot – instantly provide a precise emulation of any network environment, regardless of size, at any level of fidelity. At the ManTech Advanced Cyber Range Environment you will train, evaluate tools, perform security architecture testing, and undergo live-fire exercises on an exact replica of the network you “live on” every day in real life.

Put Your People to the Test

“When our clients are in the range, they should feel like they’re under attack,” says Dave Ferguson, ManTech’s Cyber Solutions Vice President and Technical Director. “They put their skills to the test against real malware such as WannaCry to learn how they would respond in their own environment."

“Our goal is to make the simulation as real as possible in order to improve the overall effectiveness of the security team, their processes, and their tools. We want it to feel like a really bad day in the office while also stretching the limits of their knowledge and abilities.”

Scale to Replicate Your Network

Network size is no obstacle. At one end of the scale, ManTech has run exercises on small isolated networks such as naval vessels and military installations. Moving upstream, we have executed global exercises against a replica of the Department of Defense Information Network (DODIN) with more than 800 participants.

We thrive on complex simulations, and we have conducted up to 40 simultaneous events, including many against our simulated internet environment, combining scale and precision to provide the valuable experience that keeps you ahead of threats.

End-to-End Cyber Training

By quickly and accurately delivering a network environment matching any targeted level of fidelity, our range creates unlimited potential to improve your organization’s security posture. Training from ManTech's Advanced Cyber Range Environment will provide the confidence that your cyber defense skills are truly end-to-end. Among its many uses:

Product Evaluation

Conduct comparative evaluations of new tools. You can bring your own licenses or use the hundreds of evaluation copies already available within the Range to conduct a wide variety of testing. Depending on the level of fidelity in the simulated network environment, organizations can rapidly validate and verify new capabilities that support high-value security accreditation requirements before they are deployed on an operational network. This minimizes potential vulnerabilities and risks.

Security Architecture Testing

Conduct “what-if?” analysis of proposed security architectural changes in a simulated network environment ahead of live implementation. This allows you to evaluate overall effects of a “defense-in-depth” approach to securing the network. Testing ensures that multiple layers of security are in place, are configured properly, can be monitored and administered, and provide a level of redundancy that collectively increases overall IT dependability.

Individual and Collective Training

Train and evaluate your cyber personnel on individual tools, techniques, and processes. Use the range to develop and refine day-to-day activities as well as incident response processes in a hands-on lab environment. Leverage the hundreds of online training courses available through our web-based Learning Management System to work toward information assurance certifications, such as CISSP. Develop and deliver customized courses for your organization.


Depending on the exercise parameters, you can put your cybersecurity teams to the test in a simulated generic environment (low fidelity) or a near replication of your operational network (high fidelity), then evaluate how your information security teams respond to one or both types of attack simultaneously.

In-Depth Analysis

Leverage ManTech’s big data platform to analyze your operational network, defensive tools and staff. Use what you learn to develop and implement a roadmap and let your overall, integrated cybersecurity effectiveness evolve through continuous monitoring.

Tech Talk

The ManTech Advanced Cyber Range Environment has evolved from the highly capable, military-grade environments we create. This assures all ManTech range users that you will have the highest levels of security and reliability. Advanced technologies you will learn while honing your cyber defense skills:

  • Hybrid physical-virtual platform driven through software-defined architecture
  • Secure, on-premises private cloud with public cloud-burst capability 4
  • Flexible offerings, such as Data as a Service, Platform as a Service, and Range as a Service, lower cost and risk
  • Fully RFC-compliant network environment—not an application construct or emulation service—delivering bit-level fidelity Integrated system metering and analytics
  • Benign and malicious host- and network-based traffic generation
  • Pre-packaged and customizable attack scenario injects
  • Remote and on-site testing and evaluation capabilities
  • Ability to tie in to and integrate with hardware, remote lab or other range capabilities


Our dedicated Range Management Team is ready to work with you to determine how best to use ManTech’s Advanced Cyber Range Environment. You will have a liaison to help guide you through the process, end-to-end, and to ensure that all of your requirements are satisfied.

The Range Management Team is backed by highly skilled and experienced engineers. Our matrixed approach ensures that our staff is up to date on the latest range capabilities, tools, threats, malware, and mitigations.


Now available via NITAAC

Federal agencies can now order ManTech's ACRE(R) solution directly via NITAAC, the National Institutes of Health's IT Acquisition and Assessment Center. Learn more about how ACRE’s network replication can help bring best-in-class cyber defense expertise to your teams.

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