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Case Study - Cyber Training & Modeling


New forms of malware emerge every few seconds. On top of malware, organizations are threatened by a multitude of cyber risk variants – ransomware, phishing, data leakage, hacking, and insider threats, to name a few. This threat grows even more serious with the emergence of artificial-intelligence-driven cyberattacks. In this environment, intensive ongoing cyber training remains the most important weapon in the cybersecurity professional’s arsenal.


ManTech understands that effective cyber training requires real-life modeling and simulation environments with hands-on experience that builds on cyber professionals’ knowledge. Our innovative approach drives efficiency and lowers costs while incorporating business processes and tools. ManTech’s ACRE® is a unique physical and virtualized cyber range that brings best-in-class cyber defense to a new generation of professionals. Existing system and network infrastructures can be replicated on ACRE®, enabling teams to simulate various cybersecurity scenarios and perform hands-on cyber training. Additionally, our ReadyRange™ subscription-based “Lab-as-a-Service” offering allows access to an ACRE®-hosted environment where users can easily build their own virtual networks and run their own cyber ranges. In November 2019, ACRE® won the American Security Today’s ASTORS award for the most cutting-edge and forward-thinking security solution on the market. Read more about ManTech’s insights into the Cyber challenges facing Federal Civilian agencies like the VA in this Washington Exec article.


Our customers tell us that our approach to modeling and training helps better prepare them to take offensive cybersecurity positions, making their organizations safer and more equipped to mitigate vulnerabilities before they become issues.

One said, “Seeing Ransomware propagate throughout the environment and experiencing the deception techniques are something that must be experienced to appreciate adequately. Add to this the heightened emotional state of seeing the network that you are responsible for fall victim, and this "simulation" gives a completely unique experience that I have never received elsewhere. This is not a product demo where the variables are controlled to paint a technology solution in the best light; the product, in these instances, is the practitioner."

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