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Case Study - Delivering Streamlined, Reliable Data to the DoD and VA


The Defense Medical Information Exchange (DMIX) Data Exchange Services (DES) is a system that delivers a single capability to seamlessly provide an integrated and standardized health care data exchange service to DoD, the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), other federal agencies, and external organizations including private sector health care providers. It securely connects different health and benefit information systems and shares patient health information – the virtual lifetime electronic record. DMIX DES supports the integrated sharing of standardized health data among MHS GENESIS, DOD legacy systems, VA, other Federal agencies, and private sector health care providers. Together, MHS GENESIS and DMIX DES are intended to modernize the Military Health System to enhance sustainability, flexibility, and interoperability for improved continuity of care.


ManTech has helped the DoD succeed as one of the initial health organizations navigating the eHealth Exchange on-boarding processes and procedures, including standards compliance and interoperability testing. We were chosen by the DoD to develop DMIX DES and streamline multiple existing legacy capabilities into a single, reliable data sharing mechanism as well as migrate the system to the AWS GovCloud. Requirements included reducing redundancy among existing systems and continuing to support secure and reliable exchange of standardized health data with all partners.


The ManTech DES team has improved the quality and quantity of patient information, resulting in better patient outcomes and overall patient care. The agency experiences more efficient benefits processing; better-informed clinicians, service, and care providers; improved continuity and timeliness of care; enhanced awareness among all involved parties; and the elimination of gaps in health records​.

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