Denise Vasak

Partner Alliances Manager
Innovation and Capabilities Office


Sample Speaking Topics

  • Strategic Partnerships

  • Bringing Private-Sector Innovation to the Public Sector


denise vasak speaker bureau headshot

 Mrs. Vasak has been with ManTech since 2017. Initially serving as a Software Developer and Solutions Architect, Mrs. Vasak focused on new technology awareness, adoption, and project success. Now she lends her talents as a Partner Alliances Manager, working with ManTech’s Corporate, Evolving, and Bid partners to build stronger relationships for joint go-to-market motions, propel innovation with cutting edge technologies, and secure reduced or free training for our teams.  She has over 13 years’ experience as a Facilitator, Web Developer, Systems Integrator, Documentation and Test Specialist, Software Developer, and Solutions Architect, among other roles.  She specializes in joining existing projects to provide additional or corrective support in technical or managerial roles. 

 Prior to joining ManTech, Mrs. Vasak participated with teams in every stage of the software development life cycle, including serving as intermediary to both clients and developers, gathering requirements, and training users on software.  Her career focus has been bridging the gap between customers and technology through facilitation, customized training, and communication.


She holds a Bachelor's degree in Marketing from Marymount University and a Master's degree in Information Technology from Purdue University Global.