cary brown headshot 1

What are the problems you help ManTech to solve?

As a recruiter, I help ManTech in building a strong and reliable pipeline of young talent. The students we hire for internships, may be the fulltime employees that aid ManTech in winning contracts, getting humans to Mars, and everything in between. The College Recruiting Team has absorbed all the college intern positions, leaving the fulltime recruiters the bandwidth to hire on contracts.

How do you start your day before work?  

Every morning I wake up with a grateful perspective. I also rely on some caffeinated tea, and the constant meowing from my kitten! I ease into my morning by going on a walk between meetings and eating healthy snacks throughout the day.

What is your number one tip for combating distractions when working from home?

I do give into the distractions that DO need attention (a kitchen floor that needs to be vacuumed or a kitten clawing at me for attention). Otherwise, I make a list of the things I can wait to complete until after work.

What is one important skill you think everyone should have?   

Confidence and public speaking! I know this is two answers, but they feed each other. Everyone should be able to efficiently and effectively present themselves while speaking. I Have had to work on this myself, but am now confident that I can lead a meeting or hold an intern interview with ease.

Which superhero/ Anti-Hero character would you be and why?

I think I am represented in Anna from Frozen because I am very positive, and takes actions in times of need. Anna makes sure those around her are cared for before aiding herself and she also finds the fun in every situation!