By Kelly Miller, Executive Director and DISA Cyber Security Portfolio Manager

Incredible as it might seem in the first quarter of the 21st century, many government agencies are still hampered by systems that require manual operation. Given the vast amounts of data to be accessed, analyzed and managed in today’s big data environments, such manual systems all too often prove to be a slow, costly drag on user’s needs for vital information on key trends and ability to leverage opportunity – or prevent and stop problems.

ManTech has that problem solved. Through our partnership with ServiceNow, we provide platforms that use SOAR (Secure Orchestration, Automation and Response) to streamline IT efficiency and cut through data clusters. We apply Agile DevOps to speed system-wide availability of software essential to mission success. These advanced capabilities deliver the results customers need and expect, all with the utmost in security.

Our SOAR platform leverages machine learning to accelerate heuristic (past) and predictive analytics, informing customers not only of proven behaviors and trends under watch, but where they might lead. Just as impressive, our systems deliver actionable intelligence in real time and recommend the “next best actions” to follow, winnowing out extraneous data and fathoming the key nuggets that matter above all else.

That latter thought is of extreme importance in the age of streaming data. Too often, tech leaders boast of their ability to manage petabytes and even zetabytes of data. ManTech’s capabilities build and go far beyond handling volume. We pay equal attention to mastering the ever-increasing and diverse types of data that traverse systems.

End result: resource leveling and improved workforce management; faster mean time to resolution; role-based dashboards that simplify data findings and support sound decisions; and metrics that prove the point.

All of the aforementioned comes with ManTech’s renowned full-spectrum Cyber. At a time when hacking has reached new levels of prevalence and sophistication, safeguarding mission critical data is paramount. ManTech has that covered, too. We have supported the advanced cyber needs of nearly every branch of the DoD, Intelligence Community and Federal Civilian arena for years. Our deep research into offensive techniques arms every branch of Cyber for our customers.

A report on Cyber Capabilities and National Power ranks 15 nations, including the United States, China, Russia, Iran and North Korea, on their respective cyber capabilities. The U.S. is not only ranked #1 but deemed years ahead of other countries in every category. Take a guess on who, more than any other government services contractor, has made this remarkable achievement real and sustainable now and for the years ahead. Guess no further – We are ManTech.

For more information, please reach out to Kelly Miller at [email protected]