Environmental and Sustainability Services

ManTech is a leader in the fields of environmental and sustainability planning; regulatory compliance; biological resources; and policy development. In an increasingly interconnected world with growing demands for limited resources, we provide trusted solutions that meet today’s most pressing challenges while securing the future. Our multidisciplinary staff of planners, scientists, analysts, and managers brings the education, experience, and expertise needed to develop and execute comprehensive sustainability strategies and environmental compliance programs in support of government and industry.



  • Environmental planning and regulatory compliance
  • Planning for sustainable national security infrastructure
  • Geospatial analysis and technical support
  • Policy support


  • U.S. Navy
  • U.S. Marine Corps
  • Office of the Secretary of Defense
  • U.S. Air Force


Program Examples

U.S. Navy-Wide, Tactical Training Theater Assessment Program (TAP)

Naval training and test ranges can require large areas and are often questioned for their potential impact on sensitive environments. In order to retain the ability to train personnel and test equipment, the Navy has developed an integrated program to assess the impact of its ranges and minimize impact on the environment, populated areas, and shipping and navigation. TAP is the Navy’s comprehensive program focused on environmental planning and sustainability of training and test ranges worldwide. ManTech delivers critical planning solutions to complex environmental and regulatory challenges in order to preserve and enhance the capabilities of Navy and Marine Corps ranges.

U.S. Air Force, Environmental Conservation Support Services

ManTech has supported Vandenberg Air Force Base in the execution of its environmental planning programs for nearly 25 years. ManTech has a diverse background in all aspects of launch-support operations and environmental planning for the 30th Civil Engineering Squadron Environmental Flight.

We understand both the unique operational conditions and mission requirements of this installation and its tenant commands, and the demands of sustaining and conserving the natural and cultural resources that are found at Vandenberg Air Force Base. Our support includes a team of highly experienced biologists, ecologists, and National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) specialists.

ManTech’s support under this program includes sensitive species management plans, threatened and endangered species surveys, marine mammal monitoring, invasive species control, construction monitoring, habitat restoration plans and implementation, predator control, biological and environmental assessments, mitigation monitoring, erosion control, storm water monitoring, and solid waste environmental compliance.