Artificial Intelligence for Federal Agencies

Reimagining Security and Client Experience With AI

Federal agencies are faced with the following questions: How do we predict the next threat? How can we improve customer experience? How can we harness the power of all the data we collect to better deliver the mission?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the topic of conversation and legislation these days. There is no question that AI will impact our lives for years to come. Federal agencies are moving quickly and responsibly in adopting the many benefits of AI.

With deep public sector domain expertise, proven AI results, and leading private sector partnerships, ManTech is the right partner to enable agencies to integrate AI into their technology strategy.

ManTech's capabilities include:

  • Generative AI (via MESA)
  • Operationalizing Data 
  • Integration and Ingestion
  • Predictive Analytics with Machine Learning & Deep Learning AI
  • Data Warehouses and Data Lakes
  • Visualization
  • Block Chain

The AI Landscape

With the large amounts of data across multiple sources, extracting insights presents a complex challenge, requiring the ability to identify, organize, and analyze large amounts of data to uncover meaningful patterns and trends. At ManTech, we augment the speed and depth of analytics by leveraging AI, including its subsets of Machine Learning and Deep Learning to process descriptive, prescriptive, and predictive analytics, as well as offer insights into neural networks to identify and categorize facial, voice and image recognition.

AI Requires People

While agencies must move fast adopting AI to stay ahead of their adversaries, acting responsibly is critical. Innovative analytical tools are only the first step–subject matter experts to both drive solutions and interpret data are still needed.

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