COUGAR Family of Vehicles CLSS

Be part of a team that makes a real difference for our U.S. Marine Corps.

ManTech is honored to support the U.S. Marine Corps, sustaining its COUGAR fleet of armored vehicles that keep Marines safe. These vehicles, designed with a V-shaped hull and layers of armored glass, give our Marines unrivaled protection in a variety of environments and terrains. Working with the Marine Corps Systems Command (MARCORSYSCOM), we maintain these COUGAR vehicles and provide logistics and training support to make sure the Marines have protection when and where they need it. We welcome skilled and dedicated people to serve our country, working side-by-side with our U.S. Marines.

Be part of a team that makes a real difference. Apply now for positions in the United States and overseas.

Available Positions
Business TitleReq. IDLocationDate UpdatedClearance Level Needed
Intelligence Force Management Analyst101198BRUSA VIRGINIA Norfolk07-Sep-2018TS/SCI
Intelligence Force Management Analyst101199BRUSA VIRGINIA Portsmouth07-Sep-2018TS/SCI
Cloud Solutions Architect96851BRUSA VIRGINIA Stafford31-Aug-2018Secret
Network Engineer II97456BRUSA VIRGINIA Stafford30-Aug-2018Secret
Network Engineer II98591BRUSA VIRGINIA Stafford30-Aug-2018Secret
Computer Security System Engineer II101003BRUSA VIRGINIA Stafford30-Aug-2018Secret
Cable Technician100948BRUSA MARYLAND Hanover29-Aug-2018TS/SCI
VTC Field Support Specialist99740BRUSA MARYLAND Hanover24-Aug-2018TS/SCI
SME III99742BRUSA NORTH CAROLINA Jacksonville24-Aug-2018TS/SCI
Logistics Specialist II100844BRUSA VIRGINIA Quantico24-Aug-2018Secret
Software Test Engineer96853BRUSA VIRGINIA Stafford22-Aug-2018Secret
Windows/Linux Engineer99155BRUSA VIRGINIA Stafford22-Aug-2018Secret
Financial Business Analyst100759BRUSA VIRGINIA Quantico22-Aug-2018TS/SCI
Software Developer98735BRUSA VIRGINIA Stafford21-Aug-2018Secret
Software Developer99030BRUSA VIRGINIA Stafford21-Aug-2018Secret
Help Desk Specialist III99343BRUSA MARYLAND Hanover20-Aug-2018TS/SCI
Information Systems Security Officer Level 299885BRUSA MARYLAND Hanover20-Aug-2018TS/SCI
Quality Specialist Level 299888BRUSA MARYLAND Hanover20-Aug-2018TS/SCI
Asset Inventory Auditor99891BRUSA MARYLAND Hanover20-Aug-2018TS/SCI
VTC Field Support Specialist99908BRUSA MARYLAND Hanover20-Aug-2018TS/SCI