The Marine Corps Systems Command’s (MCSC) Commercial Enterprise Omnibus Support Services (CEOss) program establishes Blanket Purchase Agreements (BPAs) with Prime contractors to simplify the acquisition process. There is no cost ceiling on any task order or minimum order required for a BPA. There are four domains within the CEOss program: Specialty Engineering (SE), Business and Analytical (BA), Engineering and Scientific (ES), and Acquisition, Logistics and Administrative (ALA). ManTech has been awarded a CEOss Prime Contract, Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) BPA in the SE domain.

This IDIQ BPA award provides ManTech the opportunity to compete for a wide array of task orders that support all component organizations within MCSC and various U.S. Marine Corps Commands. CEOss is a quick and efficient means to obtain commercial support services at reasonable rates, and is one of ManTech's 1,000 current contract vehicles. Work under CEOss is typically contracted in less than 20 days through web-based, expedited contracting processes.

Although ManTech is a pre-qualified bidder for all contracting opportunities released in the SE domain, we will continue to work collaboratively with other Prime companies across the remaining three CEOss domains in a subcontractor capacity. ManTech is proud to be teamed with industry leaders, niche companies, and prominent leaders in academia to provide performance-driven SE domain support.

How to Use

CEOss is coordinated via the Acquisition Center for Support Services (ACSS) office within MCSC. Requests for support should be directed to:

Mr. Paul Ortiz
Director, ACSS
Phone: 703-432-3787

Ms. Sakeena Siddiqi
Contracting Officer, ACSS
Phone: 703-432-3773
  • Specialized Information Technology services
    and software development
  • Specialized Technical studies and analysis
  • Technology assesments
  • Risk analysis and recommendations
  • Safety and environmental analysis
  • Logistics engineering assessments
  • Specification development
  • Laboratory testing and analysis
  • Process assessments
  • Design trades and cost benefit analysis
  • Emerging technology assessments
    and spceialized engineering
  • Combat systems engineering assements
  • Documentation/Reports/Plans
  • IPT support and PGD advisory assistnace
  • Commodity-specific engineering support
  • Modeling and simulation support
  • Test and evaluation support
  • Independent engineering assessments
  • Integration of systems/subsytems
  • Other spcialty engineering services


Information Technology Services includes the following:

  • Resources and Facilities Management,
  • Database Planning and Design
  • Systems Analysis and Design
  • Network Services
  • Programming
  • Millennium Conversion Services,
  • Conversion and Implementation Support
  • Network Services Project Management
  • Data/Records Management
  • Subscriptions/Publications (Electronic Media)
  • Equipment Maintenance
  • Software, Term License
  • Software, Perpetual License
  • Application Service Providers
  • Software Maintenance
  • Classroom Training
  • Professional Information Technology Services
  • Electronic Commerce Services
  • Telecommunications Transmission Services
  • Mobile and Wireless Technology
  • Enterprise Resource Programs
  • Information Assurance
  • Financial Management Services Software
  • Advanced Management Strategies Group (AMSG)
  • Applied Management Corporation (AMCORP)
  • Advanced Technologies Solutions Incorporated (ATSI)
  • Automation Technologies Incorporated (ATI)
  • Brandes Associates, Inc.
  • Booz Allen Hamilton (BAH)
  • Camber Corporation
  • Carl Amber Brian Isaiah and Associates Company (CBAIA)
  • Charles F. Day Associates, LLC
  • DCS Corporation (DCS)
  • Dependable Global Solutions, Inc. (DGS)
  • GENEX Systems
  • GS5, LLC
  • Integrity Consulting Solutions, LLC
  • Information Sciences Consulting, Inc. (ISCI)
  • Knowbiz, Inc.
  • Lockheed Martin Technical Services, Inc.
  • Network Convergence Associates, LLC
  • RMC, Inc.
  • Smartronix, Inc.
  • Salinas Professional Integrated Solutions, LLC (SPIS)
  • Streamline Defense, LLC
  • Technical Systems Integration, Inc. (TSI)
  • Tecolote Research
  • URS Technical Services, Inc. (URS)
  • Vickers Nolan Enterprises (VNE)
  • X-Feds, Inc.
  • 21st Century Technologies, Inc. (21CT)
  • George Mason University C4I Center (GMU C4IC)
  • George Mason University Intelligence
    and Security Research Center (GMU ISRC)
  • George Mason University Center for Infrastructure Protection
    and Homeland Security (GMU CIP)
  • Georgia Tech Applied Research Corporation (GTARC)
  • Pennsylvania State University
    Electro-Optics Center (PSU EOC)
  • Pennsylvania State University
    Applied Research Laboratory (PSU ARL)
  • University of Mary Washington
  • Virginia Polytechnic Institute
    and State University (VT) Wireless
Other Details


Wayne Golwitzer, Director C2ID
925 Corporate Drive
Stafford, VA 22554
Phone: 703-221-0200 x 4453838
Fax: 703-221-5555

James Roberts, CEOss Program Manager
925 Corporate Drive
Stafford, VA 22554
Phone: 703-445-3711
Fax: 703-221-5555

Mary Pat Pope, Executive Director, Contracts
46610 Expedition Drive
Lexington Park, MD 20653
Phone: 301-862-7415
Fax: 301-862-7334

Lynn Luft, Contracts Administrator
925 Corporate Drive
Stafford, VA 22554
Phone: 703-445-3751
Fax: 703-221-7005

Kim A. Bowley, Small Business Office
12015 Lee Jackson Highway
Fairfax, VA 22003
Phone: 703-218-6317