In 2017, a new form of malware entered the world every 4.2 seconds. In 2018, the malware “birth rate” has accelerated to 3.2 seconds. When you add phishing, ransomware, DNS hijacking, man-in-the-middle attacks, Zero Day exploits and bots generated by AI, the cyberattack surface expands.  To be ready, you must know how and where adversaries will strike. ManTech’s operating premise:  Knowledge of offense is the best defense. Empower your cyber team and defenses to take on any cyber challenge and win.


​​​​​​ManTech’s cyber work is securing the nation’s future. For more than 20 years the national security community has depended on our cybersecurity expertise for sensitive operations where even the smallest failure is unthinkable. We integrate knowledge of offense with technologies, tactics and techniques developed by defensive experts to ensure a comprehensive approach to cybersecurity.  From safeguarding intellectual property, to protecting medical records, financial information, and personal data, our experience, proactive cyber research, and continual innovation keep us operating ahead of the toughest threats, adversaries, and challenges.


  • Intelligence Community
  • Federal Bureau of Investigation
  • All branches of the Armed Forces
  • Joint Strike Fighter Program
  • Missile Defense Agency
  • Department of State
  • Department of Homeland Security​

Software Products:


Program Examples

National Media Exploitation Center (NMEC), Document and Media Exploitation

The NMEC is the center of excellence for document and media exploitation, cyber forensics, biometrics, and linguistic support to the Intelligence Community and the Warfighter. We support the information technology and forensics mission of the NMEC.

Department of State, Information Assurance

ManTech helps the Department of State's Enterprise Server Operations Center convert existing hardware to a new virtualized environment while maintaining full operational capability. We also provide niche expertise for digital signature, encryption, and ID management capabilities on unclassified and classified networks, and we chair the Federal PKI Certificate Policy Working Group.

U.S. Marine Corps, Range and Training Area Management Programs

ManTech has been a leading provider of integrated solutions in support of U.S. Marine Corps range planning and policy initiatives since the establishment in 2004 of the Range and Training Area Management Branch within Training and Education Command (TECOM).

ManTech has supported TECOM in developing many of its cornerstone guidance documents, including Marine Corps Reference Publication 3-0C, Operational Training Ranges Required Capabilities. We also contribute to the development of TECOM programmatic guidance and policies, including drafting Marine Corps Orders, preparing reports to Congress regarding range requirements and capabilities, and supporting the coordination and implementation of the Marine Corps Range Program across the Service.

In 2006, ManTech prepared the first Range Complex Management Plan (RCMP) for a Marine Corps installation (Camp Lejeune). Since then, ManTech has developed RCMPs for every Marine Corps training base, and for Marine Corps Installation regional commands. Additionally, ManTech has supported multiple Marine Corps installations in preparing range design studies, range condition assessments, airspace utilization analyses, airfield capability assessments and obstruction analyses, encroachment control studies, and installation master plans. ManTech has particular expertise with the integration of geospatial analysis using Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in its products that support Marine Corps ranges.