Full-spectrum security

Complex programs require systems that are fully secure. Individual system components and technical and management processes also must be secure and fully reliable. ManTech provides full-spectrum security to ensure that all operations are sustained throughout the life of the program and that all tasks or duties are performed according to design.

Launch safety

Attention to detail is critical in assuring safety in launch and testing. ManTech specialists troubleshoot safety issues during launch, on orbit, or in flight, and our work has influenced redesign of components and processes to improve safety. Our independent assessment teams solve problems independently for our customers and improve complex procedures and operations. ManTech’s metrology teams expertly calibrate the most sophisticated instruments to ensure proper measurement of data and conditions. Some of our specific launch-safety services include basic assessments; specialized risk programs; databases; evaluation of potential impacts to facilities, operations and workers; and other activities critical to both the vehicle and the mission.

System safety

We use qualitative and quantitative analysis to determine potential for system or component failure and design safety requirements or recommend changes to make any system safer. ManTech engineers use collaborative methods that integrate engineering disciplines and product teams in order to identify and solve problems at low cost and with minimal disruption.

Software assurance and independent verification and validation

Software controls an increasing amount of system functionality today. ManTech engineers use Agile methodologies in software design, and we conduct independent hazard analyses to identify potential problems and then specify design-safety features and procedures to reduce risk.

ManTech's processes ensure that software requirements are well defined, traceable and testable; that architectures are mature, integrated with COTS, and interoperable; that software development processes are institutionalized and planning documents current and complete; that software test and evaluation has rigor and breadth; that schedules are realistic; and that lessons learned are incorporated into successive builds.

Risk management

Risk management is the overarching process for identifying, analyzing, mitigating, and tracking risk. ManTech employs a continuous process that is based on strong communication throughout a system’s lifecycle. It is an organized methodology for continuously identifying and measuring the unknown; developing mitigation options; selecting, planning, and implementing appropriate risk mitigation; and fully tracking implementation to ensure that risk is reduced.

Quality assurance

ManTech maintains a quality-management system based on the SAE AS9100 aerospace industry standard for quality, and executes through management commitment. ManTech quality engineers determine the education, training, skills, certifications, and experience of personnel performing work that affects product quality, and we identify the processes, workmanship standards, facilities, and equipment needed to achieve quality.

We manage subcontractor quality to ensure that suppliers meet all standards, and we establish in-process surveillance and compliance to specifications throughout the supply chain. We also establish a formal configuration management process to maintain design control.

Mission sustainability

More than just "going green," sustainable solutions require long-term planning, an integrated systems approach, and full consideration of human/societal, economic, and environmental issues. Engaging stakeholders from the start to understand their needs, we then translate those needs into measurable requirements. ManTech thrives on the challenge of leading the way and developing the most effective approaches on key emerging issues.

Environmental engineering

ManTech’s engineers, scientists, and analysts provide expert guidance to resolve many of today's environmental challenges, including regulatory compliance, risk assessment, and planning for the costs and impact of compliance and non-compliance on programs. We work directly with regulators, and we conduct environmental risk and cost assessments to ensure that the customer understands potential implications. Learn more about our environment-related solutions.