We recently interviewed Micheal, a Solutions Architect working in Solutions Engineering for ManTech. You can view the full interview below:

Micheal Russ

When did you first come to work for ManTech?

I first came to work for ManTech on July 31, 2017. I joined as a Senior Program Manager, Naval Aviation, and stayed for nearly two years.

Why did you leave?

I had an opportunity to expand my professional horizons as an Operations Director and Corporate Strategy Planner with a smaller business -- a way to increase my skill set and potentially accelerate my career.

When did you come back and why?

In late 2019, I received a personal invitation to rejoin the company as a Solutions Architect. This great, growing team better leverages my personal skills, gifts and talents.

How would you describe ManTech’s culture?

ManTech is people-centered and mission-focused, with a calculated approach to growth.

Would you refer a friend and what would you tell them about working here?

Absolutely! This is a superb company that lives its values -- People, Customer, Growth. If given the chance, don't miss out on the opportunity to choose ManTech. I chose ManTech, twice!