The Advanced Information Systems Security course is a 4 day, hands-on course focused on increasing the security officer's or system administrator's knowledge of today's security challenges and how to protect against them. Students will take an in-depth look at different attack vectors, such as insider threat. They will practice configuring WINDOWS 7/Server 2008® based systems, be introduced to tools such as AppLocker for strong user control and Windows BitLocker for Type 2 encryption, and learn about how to handle incident response before the experts arrive. The course provides the student with an understanding of the current threat spectrum facing information systems today and the knowledge and confidence to mitigate that threat.


Students attending the Advanced Information Systems Security course should be familiar with U.S. Government or commercial computer security practices and have a basic understanding of the WIN 7/ Server 2008® operating system. Completion of the Risk Management Framework.

Managing Your 8570.1 Certification

This security course is worth 32 Continued Professional Education (CPE) points. In order to maintain your Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) certification, 120 CPEs within a 3-year period are required, and the minimum order of CPEs per year is 20.

Onsite Presentation

The Advanced Information Systems course can also be purchased as an onsite presentation. The fixed price for the course is $39,500. This course may be conducted in a customer provided facility. The cost includes a presentation of the 4 day course for a maximum of 16 students, course textbook, and reference materials for each student. Additional costs will be incurred for use of the ManTech facility in Herndon, VA.​