The best defense is a strong offense.

Offense-informed defense is how we tackle the toughest cyber threats.

Why are we so good at stopping attackers?

We’re trained to think like them.

ManTech's full-spectrum cyber experience is unrivaled within the intelligence community and defense department. We find vulnerabilities, reverse-engineer malware, develop tools, exploit media and hardware, conduct advanced forensics and support specialized missions at scale.

This experience—intimate knowledge of all aspects of cyber—empowers and informs our cybersecurity professionals and the processes and tools we use. Offensive techniques can be used to produce a strong defense. Defensive means can be used to achieve offensive ends. Eventually, offense and defense merge to provide the most robust and informed defensive solutions and services.

When we apply these techniques in totally new contexts, we achieve a convergence and symmetry that create the strongest possible defense. And that makes all the difference. 

Cyber operations that protect our most critical information.

Cybersecurity is integrated into everything we do, including securing our nation’s most sensitive intelligence, protecting the homeland, defending our troops and protecting our personal information. With more than 20 years of experience, ManTech is a leader in full-spectrum cyber. Decades of critical mission support, R&D and cutting-edge innovation are the foundation of our work. Our depth in offensive and defensive cyber is unparalleled, resulting in capabilities that protect sensitive intelligence, infrastructure, weapons systems and people. Our full-spectrum cyber operations help secure our nation and protect our citizens today and into the future.

The ManTech difference? Experience.

Quietly, we have been solving our nation’s highest-risk, most complex cyber challenges for more than two decades – challenges where failure is not an option. We are the go-to experts for the intelligence community, Defense Department, Department of Homeland Security, FBI, Department of Health and Human Services and other federal agencies. ManTech also supports major initiatives in the financial services sector – allowing organizations to benefit from our unique defense-in-depth methodologies and knowledge of their adversaries’ tactics and procedures.

The art of the possible: It's what keeps us ahead of the threat.

Threats take many forms – terrorists, enemy states, rogue actors and employees. The list grows at viral speed. The persistence and technical complexity of threats grows at the same staggering pace. Staying ahead requires an in-depth understanding of evolving technologies, constant vigilance, continuous monitoring and comprehensive response.

Our unique and evolving offense-informed defensive capabilities produce sophisticated cyber solutions and services that work holistically to defend the network and data from both known and new threats.

A serious company in a serious business.

ManTech’s large and growing volume of complex cyber work is a direct result of one thing: our consistent performance. We have to be good at what we do. We hold hundreds of full-spectrum cyber contracts with the most demanding and consequential customers in the world.

We apply the same rigor to every mission, whether we’re supporting a critical cyber operation in the intelligence community or protecting intellectual property, medical records, financial information or personal data. Let’s face it: When it’s your information, it’s all critical.

Friend or foe?

Some of the most damaging cyber threats don’t come from across the world. They come from across the hall. ManTech is a leader in providing insider threat capability to the federal government and the intelligence community. Our innovative and comprehensive approach blends data collection, aggregation and analysis with contextual cues to produce highly accurate threat indicators.

Unlike others, our insider threat program integrates holistically with enterprise IT, program protection, incident response and communication, as well as the traditional cybersecurity capabilities, to deliver an approach that can detect threats at many different levels.

Based on this model, ManTech is ranked as the #1 provider of insider threat services to the U.S. Government.

Innovation is in our wiring.

Companies may talk innovation, but can they back it up? ManTech has invested millions of dollars in our cyber solutions, including the formation of company-wide Communities of Practice and internal research and development projects. In addition to the constant evolution of our cyber offerings on contracts, we spend our own money to stay aligned with evolving commercial technologies, trend analysis, technology exploration, threat intelligence and training.

ManTech's Advanced Cyber Range Environment

Our Advanced Cyber Range Environment is an excellent example of this innovation - a ManTech investment offering:

  • Product Evaluation - Conduct comparative evaluations of new tools.
  • Security Architecture Testing - Conduct what-if analysis of proposed security architectural changes on a simulated network environment prior to live implementation.
  • ReadyRange - Subscription-based “as a Service” access to testing and training environments to perform your own analysis and testing.
  • Individual & Collective Training - Train and evaluate your cyber personnel on individual tools, techniques, and processes.
  • Exercises - Put your cybersecurity teams to the test in a simulated generic environment (low-fidelity) or a near replication of your operational network (high-fidelity).
  • In-Depth Analysis - We leverage ManTech’s big data platform to conduct analysis of your operational network, defensive tools, and staff.

This constant commitment to innovation is why ManTech is the leader in full-spectrum cyber for more than 20 years.