DecisionPoint® is a secure, web-based collaboration tool which reduces protest risk and increases award schedule efficiency for government agency contract teams. Agencies of all sizes rely on the security, functionality, and efficiency of DecisionPoint to support their source selection strategies and success. With DecisionPoint, agency officials are able to assess evaluation team progress and quality, while reducing cycle time to meet award schedules.  

An automated source selection evaluation tool, DecisionPoint is both an intuitive workflow tool and a robust evaluation database.

DecisionPoint Benefits

Facilitates the Source Selection Management Lifecycle

  • Using standardized input templates that promote documentation quality and consistency
  • Allows program managers and contracting officers to focus efforts on the quality and substance of the evaluation; not administration, process and logistics

Increases Evaluation Efficiency

  • Intuitive interface guides evaluators through the proposal evaluation process
  • Evaluator comments are collected and data-based making electronic query, analysis, consensus-building, reporting and final archiving simple, accurate and efficient

Promotes Consensus Collaboration

  • Maximize online collaboration using built in reporting, integrated messaging and bulletin board functionality
  • Consensus findings, progress, and status metrics posted in real-time and are interactively accessible


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