chris hileman headshot

Full Name - Christopher Hileman 

School Graduated - West Virginia University at Parkersburg 

Year Graduated - 2019, 2021 

Degree(s) Obtained - Associate of Applied Science in Computer and Information 

Technology, Bachelor of Applied Technology in Cybersecurity and Network 


Current Job Title - Journeyman Applications Developer 

# Years interned at ManTech - 5 months 

Year of conversion to FTE - 2021 

Describe your internship experiences at ManTech. Elaborate on what you worked on, what you learned, etc. 

As an intern, I worked as a full-stack developer for several internal websites. While working on these sites, I learned about front-end design, AWS, and Agile development. I helped transition our test automation from Protector to Codeceptjs. Then, I was tasked with training and providing support to the test automation engineers for the framework. The support and upgrade allowed more people to join the team as test engineers, increasing our test coverage. 

How did the internship experience(s) prepare you for your full-time career? 

The internship prepared me for my full-time career by allowing me the chance to work on several different projects. I gained a deeper understanding of agile development, front-end design, and AWS.

Having the opportunity to work with many people and technologies allowed me the opportunity to learn how to operate as part of a team.