henry trochlil headshot

Full Name Henry Trochlil 

School Graduated Virginia Tech 

Year Graduated 2023 

Degree(s) Obtained BS in Computer Engineering: Networking and Cybersecurity 

Current Job Title Technical Intern (Soon to be Computer Forensics Software Engineer) 

Sector / Division Intel / National Intelligence Solutions 

# Years interned at ManTech 4 years 

Year of conversion to FTE 2023 


Describe your internship experiences at ManTech. Elaborate on what you worked on, what you learned, etc. 

In my first two summers with ManTech, I worked on a variety of projects created by the internship mentors that helped me learn about all the different facets of computer forensics and develop my skillset in a number of those areas. These most recent two summers, I got to work alongside my mentors for the customer and assist them in their day-to-day work. 


How did the internship experience(s) prepare you for your full-time career? 

The first two years helped me focus on what I needed to learn. From the knowledge I gained, I was able to take classes through Virginia Tech and on my own that helped me to improve upon skills that I began learning through my projects at ManTech. Once I began working directly for the customer, I gained exposure to the type of work I’ll be doing once I begin full-time, and all the intricacies of working as a contractor. I’m certain that this will be beneficial once I begin full-time because it will allow me to feel much more comfortable than if it was my first time working in such an environment. Additionally, since I will be working in the same location as the last two summers, I have already built solid relationships with my co-workers there and have proven my ability to do good work.