logan jenness headshot

Full Name: Logan Jenness          

School Graduated: Coastal Carolina University 

Year Graduated: 2022 

Degree(s) Obtained: Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Finance 

Current Job Title: Associate Financial Analyst 

Sector / Division: Corporate / Financial Planning & Analysis 

# Years interned at ManTech:

Year of conversion to FTE: 2022 


Describe your internship experiences at ManTech. Elaborate on what you worked on, what you learned, etc. 


Over the past two years I have worked with three different teams in various areas of finance. My first year I worked with PCAs on the GW Program learning about program finance. The second year I started with the subcontracts closeout team, where I learned more about the contracts/subcontracts aspect of government contracting, and eventually transitioned to the FP&A team and learned about corporate finance. Being able to move around and gain experience in three different areas broadened my knowledge about the industry as a whole and showed me what specific areas of finance I wanted to pursue as a full-time career. 


How did the internship experience(s) prepare you for your full-time career? 


I was able to pretty much do a rotational program at ManTech as an intern and move between different teams. I learned how different teams/departments work together in a business to achieve its financial goals. I was also able to practice both soft and hard skills that helped me succeed in the internships and college. Networking and having an intern supervisor who wanted me to succeed eventually led me to join the FP&A team.