Landing your dream job can be stressful, not to mention all the steps you need to take to get there. We thank you for your interest in starting a career with ManTech. The ManTech College Recruiting Team wants to help you be successful throughout this process. If you're looking to take your career to the next level, rather than just resting on your resume, take ownership of the recruiting process to jumpstart your career.

Frequently Asked Questions

I am really interested in ManTech. What are the next steps to be considered?

Go to and apply for those jobs for which you feel most qualified. We will also be circulating the resumes of those that we chat with today that we feel are a good fit for the positions for which we are recruiting.

Can you tell me more about the learning opportunities at ManTech?

ManTech encourages all employees to take part in self-learning and development of new skills. At ManTech we have our own “ManTech University” that provides instruction on a variety of topics in business, management, technology, and national security both through on-site and online programs. On-site or online, you will find the instruction and resources you need to develop yourself personally and professionally.

What is your intern program like?

We ensure that each work experience matches the motivation and investment our interns make to secure an optimal education. We connect you with hands-on technical knowledge and the opportunity to work alongside industry subject matter experts. At ManTech we offer a diverse range of opportunities for you to impact mission critical work and help secure our future. Most have majors/backgrounds in computer science, electrical or computer engineer, data analytics, cybersecurity, or systems engineering.  We do have some internships in other areas too.

What is the recruiting process? How long until I hear back from someone?

Our Talent Advisors are screening through resumes every day. We strive to get back to our applicants within two weeks, but admittedly we are unable to get back to everyone. Should there be an alignment of your credentials to one or more of our opportunities, someone will reach out to you with next steps.

Do interns work during the summer or can I work throughout the school year?

Most of our internships take place over the summer. However, when needed ManTech does support internships throughout the year with a realistic work/school/life balance.

How is ManTech handling COVID-19? Are all positions remote?

Health and safety remains our highest priority. Our student employment opportunities may vary in starting onsite/in-person, fully virtual, or in a hybrid environment. This will depend on the critical needs of the specific role each student is hired for.

What does a typical day look like for ManTech?

All of our internship positions are mission critical, whether you are remote or in person. 100% of our interns support work for our federal government contractors to help secure the future!