The PROIX® Suite is comprised of the following applications: 

DICE (Document Integrity, Collaboration, and Evaluation) - Real-Time Document Collaboration 

DICE is a secure, web-based real-time document collaboration and workflow tool for the development and evaluation of Rich Text, Slide Deck and Form documents to meet the needs of a dispersed workforce

Contract Writing Tool (CWT) - Facilitates the Acquisition Process

The Contract Writing Tool supports the creation and management of acquisition contracting documents for solicitations, contracts, agreements, and orders and the associated amendments and modifications to these documents

Integrates with DecisionPoint - Source Selection Management 

DecisionPoint is a secure, web-based collaboration tool which reduces protest risk and increases award schedule efficiency for government agency contract teams


PROIX® Benefits

Simplified Procurement Process

Streamlines all phases from pre-award to close-out, reducing administrative burden and allowing contract professionals to focus on strategic tasks.

Optimized Workflow

Integrated tools support efficient document creation, evaluation, and management, enabling faster turnaround times

Enhanced Collaboration

Real-time document collaboration ensures that all team members are on the same page, improving coordination and decision-making

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