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Cyber Range as a Service

ManTech’s ReadyRange™ uses hybrid cloud integration to provide a safe and legal place to detonate malware and deploy other malicious activities, test systems and software, and perform cyber training on ManTech’s ACRE® cyber range. ReadyRange™ provides the users with persistent access to a dedicated ACRE® environment featuring pre-staged systems and network configuration items. The web interface of ReadyRange™ allows users to build custom environments and conduct unlimited self-directed testing, training, exercises, and experimentation. Environments can be rapidly reset to original states and specific times. For those pressed for time or resources, ReadyRange™ offers an automation tool, with quick-start templates to support rapid development of maximally realistic networks for immediate testing and training. ReadyRange™ is available by tiered subscription service and is accessible via remote connection.

ReadyRange™ is Hyper-Realistic Testing:

• Cyber Range as a service
• Safe and legal place to detonate malware, assess impact, and deploy countermeasures
• Cyber services platform for testing tools, techniques, and procedures
ReadyRange ™ Express automated range customization and delivery
• Hybrid cloud integration
• Persistent access and rapid environment reset
• Maximally realistic IT environments and professional development
• Development test lab enables unlimited testing for experimenting and proof-of-concept prototyping

ReadyRange™ is Workforce Development:

• “Train as You Fight” professional development services
• Go hands-on and get realistic experience
• Train on cyber defense in real-time
• Conduct live-fire exercises
• Simulate “a bad day at work”
• Test incident response knowledge/decisions
• Practice and improve Enterprise Cyber Security effectiveness, risk management and contingency operations
• Evaluate risk mitigation strategies
• Identify risks, assess current risk strategy, business impact, and sizing/cost of risk
• Get custom-developed exercises available upon request


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