One of the most exciting parts of being a part of ManTech is witnessing innovative ideas come to fruition as our employees apply their knowledge and education across key Technology Focus Areas (TFAs). One of our five TFAs is Mission & Enterprise Information Technology (M/EIT), and our experts’ most recent proof of concept is fielding a single-pane view of the entire IT enterprise across multiple domains.  

The Need for Cross-Domain Information Sharing between Low-Side (Unclassified) and High-Side (Classified)  

With advances in secure and extensible enterprise cloud computing, the Department of Defense (DoD) and Intelligence Community (IC) have multiple options for deploying their existing IT infrastructures, closed networks, classified networks and compute/storage enclaves as well as operating in commercial classified cloud regions.  

Yet, there are still some environments that require IT personnel to operate and maintain their on-premises and deployed edge networks and manage isolated networks with separate processes because security requirements do not allow seamless information sharing between different classification levels. This requires duplication of effort on the part of service desk staff and introduces the possibility for potential errors when replicating data from one system to another to dispatch a technician.  

IT managers need an efficient way to allow cross-domain information sharing and message transmission between low-side (unclassified) and high-side (classified) while maintaining data integrity, confidentiality and data tagging without the risk of spillage. With a cross-domain capability, users would be apprised of potential impacts between domains.  

While advanced IT service management (ITSM) tools such as ServiceNow have greatly improved the automation of service desk functions, they still do not provide a complete view of the enterprise. And while some vendors manage hybrid clouds and provide consolidated reports of both cloud and on-premises systems, these disparate reports fail to offer the high-level visibility needed to better equip IT technicians in resolving cross-domain impacts and other issues. 

Now Available – A Single-Pane View of the Entire Enterprise Across Multiple Domains 

So, imagine if the high-side (classified) ticket could notify the low-side (unclassified) if an incident impact is mission-critical, enabling teams to be efficiently dispatched to resolve the interruption of mission-critical activities? Additionally, what if low-side ticket updates could provide the high-side network operations center (NOC) with a more accurate, real-time status of the incident and facilitate efficient communication with stakeholders about the timeframe for resolution? 

ManTech’s ServiceNow Cross-Domain Access Proxy (SNOWCAP) can be the first step in achieving accurate enterprise operations across the DoD and IC security domain boundaries by demonstrating that two separate instances of ServiceNow can share and consolidate information across.  

Our solution can help meet the challenge of delivering a holistic service desk with the capability to view network resources across security classification boundaries to enable seamless information sharing between different classification levels using a single ServiceNow instance, and only pass web-based requests between the Cross-Domain Solution (CDS). This would provide a deployed technician with highly accurate information to better understand, prepare for and resolve a customer ticket. 

At the core is an approved CDS guard (proxy server) that configures the low- and high-side ServiceNow instances to send and receive pre-formatted messages via a data proxy that consolidates critical information across the security domain levels. This means that web requests through a Representational State Transfer application programming interfaces (REST APIs) can be sent and received through the CDS guard.  

SNOWCAP presents a single-pane view of the entire enterprise (multiple domains) on the high-side ServiceNow and supports organizations with multiple classification domain networks including the Defense Health Agency (DHA), Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA)/Joint Service Provider (JSP), DoD Chief Information Officer (CIO), Pentagon Joint Staff (JS) and all IC agencies. 


ManTech has a number of use cases and we are happy to schedule time to discuss how your organization can share and consolidate confidential information between two ServiceNow domains with ManTech’s SNOWCAP CDS proxy. Want to find out more? Go to [email protected]  

SNOWCAP is one of many innovations being brought to life by ManTech’s Innovation and Capabilities Office (ICO) and our Mission & Enterprise Information Technology (M/EIT) experts. We assist our employees in furthering their education and career growth through ManTech University and partnerships with Purdue University Global to provide employees tuition-free programs for B.S. degrees in Cybersecurity, Cloud Computing and Data Analytics, M.S. degrees in Cybersecurity coursework, and college-certified courses, such as the Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP). 

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