An Interview with ManTech Military Veteran Andy

Job title/Description: Chief Operations Engineer, 2 SLS


Military Branch: U.S. Air Force

Years of Service: 27 years

Military Occupation: Space and Missile Operations

What did you choose ManTech?

During my time on active duty, I worked directly with a number of different companies, and also have many friends that became contractors after they retired or separated from the service, so I had quite a few insights based on those experiences.  What really drew me to ManTech is its emphasis on not only getting the job done, but doing it in a way to make the customer better/faster/more efficient/more successful.  It is that overarching desire for innovation, especially in their five technology focus areas, along with having some great opportunities that I felt aligned well with my background and interests, that made it an easy choice.

What is one thing about ManTech that you would like to tell other veterans?

After only being here a couple of months, it is clear that ManTech truly cares about its employees and their families, their well-being and their growth, maybe even more than I experienced in the military.  And that concern is even amplified for those of us who are veterans, through recurring gratitude expressed for our service, and frequent acknowledgment of our shared desire to continue serving the nation, even though we may have hung up our uniform.