We interviewed Steve, who is President of ManTech's Federal Civilian Sector. You can view the full interview below:

When did you first come to work for ManTech?

I started working for ManTech in November 2009, after 10 years with CSC. I chose to join ManTech for several reasons:

1) ManTech’s reputation and unwavering support of our country’s national security mission;

2) I knew many ManTech employees who provided positive recommendations of the company; and

3) opportunities for career growth.

What type of work did you do and how long did you stay?

I was the Executive Director for the federal civilian portfolio in MCTS, what is now our Intelligence Sector. I provided management oversight for several IT, program protection and development programs. I stayed with ManTech until 2011, then was recruited away to be the chief operating officer at a midsized government contractor.

Why did you leave?

The company that recruited me away made three attempts. I twice declined because I was really enjoying my work at ManTech. However on the third attempt, they made me an offer I could not refuse. It had nothing to do with ManTech and the work I was doing, it was all about the potential opportunity.

When did you come back and why?

After 3 years away, I came back in January 2014. Leaving ManTech was one of the toughest decisions of my career, so I stayed connected with the company and the people. When the opportunity to return presented itself, I had no problem making the decision to come back. I returned as the Vice President/Division Manager for the National Security Solutions Division, where I stayed until early 2018, then was promoted into the Senior Vice President of Operations for MCIS, now ManTech's Intelligence Sector.

What brought you back?

My first experience with ManTech was excellent, and the great people at ManTech brought me back.

How would you describe ManTech’s culture?

We have such a diverse culture and the company is summarized by its commitment to the nation and its employees. Although we are a large company, we have a small, innovative company feel. I have always been happy with the friendly atmosphere, the dedicated employees and commitment to supporting the nation anywhere, anytime.

Would you refer a friend and what would you tell them about working here?

Yes. I have and do. I would tell them that we are a successful company that takes care of our employees. It’s a place where you can have a career. If you want to make a difference and support some of the most critical national security missions, come work for ManTech.