An Interview with ManTech Employee, Judy

Judy Streeb Headshot

Title: Senior Technical Writer
Group: Intelligence Sector
Time at ManTech: 6 years

What drew you to ManTech?

I was seeking a variety of tasks and new opportunities; I got that in spades with ManTech!

What is or has been the most unusual or interesting job you’ve ever had?

My first ManTech contract was converting military technical manuals and repair guides from paper (PDF) format to XML for download to mobile devices. Imagine service men and women fixing a vehicle in the middle of the desert using a 1,200-page, outdated, paper guide versus a searchable, downloaded, text-friendly version on a hand-held device.

What advice do you have for prospective ManTech candidates?

Be open to possibilities. Speak up for what you need. Be prepared to work as a team.

What are you passionate about?

Good stories. I don’t want to just know something, I want to know why it is the way it is or how it got there. Life is built on a series of events and choices that lead up where we are, and each minute will lead to the next. Everyone and everything has a story behind it and I love a great story.

What does “Securing the Future” mean to you?

Investing in the future through careful research, planning, infrastructure building, knowledge and time well spent on the present. It means ensuring how we act now ensures the safety of future generations.

What is the coolest thing about what you’re working on now?

I think about people across the globe who might be reading my reports or manuals or reaping the benefits of the activities I participate in. Some of the places I am privileged to read about are places I’d never heard of. Globalization is a pretty cool thing and puts life into perspective.

Who is your superhero and why?

Schoolteachers: Everything I excel in is because I was inspired to learn it. I am inspired by the men and women who do more and give more to more kids each year, but with less time and less funding. I have no shortage of gratitude for the gifts I was given and hope kids today receive the same or better.