Sentris® is a Microsoft® Windows®-based platform for implementing attribute-based security classification services within network environments.

Sentris Benefits

 Empowers Users to Make the Best Decisions About Sharing Data

  • Properly Label and Distribute Information in an Enterprise Environment
  • Prescribe Enterprise IT Security Policies
  • Audit Compliance

Promotes Collaboration

  • Through Powerful Sensitive Word Search and Classification Tools
  • Improved Enterprise Security Posture

Prevents Inadvertent Disclosure

  • Inadvertent Disclosure in Microsoft Applications
  • MS Office, (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Project)
  • MS Outlook/Exchange
  • MS SharePoint
  • MS Lync/Skype for Business

Key Features

  • Sentris Platform Server and Client
  • Sentris Labeling for Microsoft Office
  • Sentris Protection for Microsoft Exchange
  • Sentris Protection for SharePoint
  • Sentris Protection for Skype for Business
  • Sentris Protection for File Shares
  • Sentris Labeling for PDF


  • Defines classification levels, handling caveats, and control markings
  • Controls access to information based on classification label
  • Authorizes users and network locations for specific classification levels, handling caveats, and control markings
  • Provides users with utilities to associate classification labels with the information that they create
  • Establishes trusted connections with other organizations to allow for the sharing of classified information across organizational boundaries
  • Assists users with marking recommendations using powerful and robust content inspection engine

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