Advanced Cyber Training Program (ACTP)

Advanced Cyber Training Program (ACTP)

ManTech’s Advanced Cyber Training Program (ACTP) provides tailored, industry-leading training on Computer Network Operations Programming.

ACTP began in 2009 as a ManTech Independent Research and Development project for internal training and is now a world-class cyber training program.  


ACTP - Mission Focused


ACTP exclusively trains ManTech employees and US Government personnel within our military and intelligence community.

ACTP’s course portfolio provides mission-essential training in Windows, Linux, and Android environments to industry customers. Course delivery is a combination of group lecture, one-on-one instruction, and experiential learning lab exercises.  The Linux CNO and Windows CNO Programmer Courses are intensive, hands-on courses focused on developing experienced systems programmers into CNO professionals on the Linux and Windows platforms. These classes are formatted to combine lecture and demonstrations with practical assignments.    

ACTP - Instructors


An ACTP student in the CNO Programmer Course develops technologies to defend, attack and exploit computer networks. This requires a deep understanding of operating systems and software internals, combined with advanced skills in C, assembly, networking, and reverse engineering. It also requires specialized knowledge and experience that cannot be gained through conventional education or programming work.

Students who complete either CNO Programmer course will return to their team or report for duty on-contract ready to participate in and support the full CNO tool development process.  

ACTP instructors perform work on ManTech contract assignments and instruct solely in their areas of subject matter expertise. Instructors are selected and screened based on their technical knowledge, industry experience, and ability to provide instruction in both group and one-on-one training environments.  

ManTech's instructors perform this work professionally, continuing to support our customer’s most critical missions as they bring those experiences to the classroom.




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