By Buyju Palatty

Executive Director, Cloud Architecture

Buyju Palatty
Buyju Palatty, Executive Director, Cloud Architecture

Fernglas(R) is ManTech’s patented multi-cloud management platform that provides end-to-end visibility and capabilities on a single pane of glass – a unified management console that presents data from multiple sources and cloud environments in a unified display. The full spectrum of users empowers customers and businesses – whether executives, administrators, IT leaders or managers of domains – to instantly observe a customizable set of metrics about their cloud environments and monitor them in ways not previously possible.

Why Fernglas is so important: Most federal agencies have five to seven cloud environments, each with hundreds of user accounts. With Fernglas, they can manage all of this activity from one central location – driving efficiency, savings and results in entirely new ways.

ManTech’s Fernglas gives users the ability to manage thousands – or even millions – of cloud assets across multiple cloud providers, all from one place. Fernglas is at once a vendor-neutral multi-cloud management platform for the enterprise that leverages LaunchRAMP, a cloud adoption framework with an open modular architecture. It is a scalable and flexible product that can be customized or integrated with customer-specific requirements.

Creating Visibility – A Single Pane of Glass View

Fernglas offers first-of-its-kind visibility to users alongside an easy, consistent user experience that eliminates the need to reskill employees to use the platform. Its easily customizable plug-and-play architecture and ability to be customized for each individual user make it an immediately valuable tool. It offers a Zero Trust-enabled single sign-on capability, integrated with the customer’s identify provider, allowing for secure, seamless access to all features. Role-based access ensures that only those users with the right permissions have access to pre-specified information.

Application Modernization –   Modernize While You Migrate

Cloud migration is a critical element of most modernization strategies, and application migration will make up a significant portion of agencies’ cloud priorities in the next two to three years. In this context, application portability is key. Refactoring is expensive in the short-term, and the container-based, lift-and-shift approach is expensive in the long-term. With Fernglas, agencies can containerize an application on the fly and then push it to the cloud of their choice. This remarkable solution offers support for multiple programming languages, automates virtual machines (VMs) to containers, and offers the ability to re-platform Windows/AIX applications to Linux. With Fernglas, refactoring occurs at the process level and extends to microservices, automating DevOps to deliver the best possible public cloud experience for users.

Straight-Through Provisioning on Cloud of your choice

Fernglas straight-through provisioning capability is FedRAMP-approved. Users enjoy a low-cost governance model across all of the major cloud service providers. It includes a fully customizable, multi-cloud service catalogue with value-added services and automated recommendations for optimizing cloud spend, plus direct integration with a customer’s existing ticketing system. This ecosystem enables the vision of self-service cloud in multi-cloud environments.

Budget Management & Cost Control

We know many organizations and federal agencies struggle to control their cloud spend – and up to 30 percent of that spend is wasted every year due to the difficult challenge of striving for efficient, effective cloud management. Fernglas addresses and beats those challenges head-on. It helps organizations manage costs and shows back-reporting across multiple clouds for further analysis and planning for enhanced efficiency. As importantly, it drives cost savings through resource optimization, recommendations, and best practices. It is FedRAMP-read and integrates easily via API.

Continuous Multi-Cloud Risk Management

Fernglas offers continuous security and compliance, which are major concerns for organizations pursuing cloud migration projects. By offering a continuous level of visibility across all customer cloud environments, Fernglas helps users evaluate their security posture and risk exposure across their entire cloud infrastructure. It continuously tracks cloud resources and compliance, ensuring that Authorities to Operate (ATOs) remain intact. It’s a comprehensive solution with cloud security posture assessments, workload protection, data security, and Infrastructure as Code (IaC) scanning.

The potential for Fernglas to dramatically improve the way agencies manage their multi-cloud environments is game changing. We built it to deliver precisely the kind of cost-savings, efficiency, transparency and ease of use agencies are looking for. Fernglas can be an extraordinary enabler of so many modernization and optimization efforts and is one more example of the way ManTech brings digital know-how and innovation to our customers’ missions.


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