Insider threats are the cause of some of the biggest security breaches and are very expensive to remediate. They are also among the most damaging threats to national security.

And while “shadow brokers” who hack remotely pose a high risk, it is the person at the next desk who does serious damage by stealing or leaking classified or proprietary information. Insider threats are often the hardest to detect because of the human emotions involved – these are our trusted friends and colleagues. When a fellow employee is working with sensitive data, it’s difficult to determine if he or she is up to something malicious.

And the longer the threat goes undetected, the more expensive it is to shut down.

Detect. Deter. Mitigate.

At ManTech, we combine threat analysis expertise with solutions that leverage Big Data and contextual clues to pinpoint insider threats. Our integrated solution applies pre-security screening to an employee’s lifestyle, counterintelligence factors and suitability. We also provide continuous evaluations, measured monitoring and rapid response. And, of course, we analyze data from physical security safeguards including alarms, CCTV and entry and exit checks.

The result is a full-spectrum Insider Threat program that seamlessly integrates data analytics with the human factor – personnel training and processes.

The Gold Standard in Insider Threat

Bloomberg ranks ManTech as the leading provider of unclassified insider-threat solutions across the federal government. This is in addition to our classified Insider Threat work.

Trust. Experience.

ManTech’s Insider Threat Program has been continuously tested and refined throughout our work for agencies spanning the federal civilian, defense, and intelligence communities for more than 16 years.

End-to-End Cyber Training

Our Insider Threat Program is seamlessly integrated into all of our core competencies. These include:

  • Enterprise IT
  • Cyber (including CDN/CNE/CNO/SOC)
  • Program Protection (including CPI, OPSEC, and Counterintelligence, and 
  • Incident Response (Detect, ID, Response, and Communication).

We are uniquely qualified as an Insider Threat and National Security partner. Simply put, ManTech enhances the protection of national security information.

Tim Schaad

Technical Subject Matter Expert
[email protected]

Lisa Wesig

ManTech Enterprise Range Management Team
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