June 4, 2021: ManTech International Corporation® is pleased to announce the release of Document Detective v5.3.

Document Detective is an interactive, desktop application for reviewing and sanitizing electronic documents. It meets the intent of the Government's "100% reliable human review" criteria for transferring electronic files across security boundaries in their native format. The process of transferring a file from higher to lower classified network or domain is typically called an Assured File Transfer (AFT). Document Detective is also effective to identify and mitigate Insider Threat signatures in electronic documents.

Using various tools including keyword search, optical character recognition (OCR), and Microsoft's Office Application Programming Interface (API), Document Detective reveals sensitive information that may be missed without a deep and careful review.  It also provides a Flatten Document functionality to assist in the cleanup of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files in order to address vulnerabilities in those file types specifically. 

Document Detective 5.3 Features

  • Office 2019 (Desktop Version) support and backward compatibility for systems running Office 2016
  • Windows 10 support
  • System requirements: Windows 10 (32- or 64-bit) with Office 2019 or 2016 (32- or 64-bit) installed
  • Keyword List assignment capability lets Administrators more tightly control access to Keyword Lists through the application
  • Integrated Visual C++ redistributable package into the Document Detective installer
  • Silent/unattended installs are now supported in Document Detective v5.3. The Document Detective shortcut is automatically added to the desktop upon successful installation.
  • Checklists now open with warnings expanded in Evaluate and Edit modes.    
  • Send to > Document Detective functionality has been added in Document Detective v5.3.  DTAs can initiate the scanning process by right clicking a file on their machine and select Send to > Document Detective.  This will launch Document Detective for the selected file.
  • Keyword List assignment capability lets Administrators more tightly control access to Keyword Lists through the application
  • Implemented Import Keyword Lists capability.  Keyword lists can be imported from csv files.  
  • Keyword List assignment capability lets Administrators more tightly control access to Keyword Lists through the application
  • Document Detective 5.3 uses the more secure 256-bit hash of the SHA algorithm.  Previous versions used CALG_MD5. 

Certification Training

ManTech International Corporation provides Instructor-Led Certification Training for Document Detective. Individuals or groups charged with protecting data are encouraged strongly to attend a formal instructor-led training session in order to ensure that Data Transfer Agents (DTAs) are certified in the use of Document Detective. Certification training provides fundamental instruction in the product’s capabilities as well as an understanding of essential Assured File Transfer (AFT) concepts.  This includes information on how users and organizations can leverage the product to provide a record of action should the threat of a spill arise in the future.  Training provides stakeholders with the opportunity to learn file sanitization best practices and to show proficiency by becoming certified in Document Detective. From an organizational level, having individuals certified is one additional step in risk mitigation and helps to show that an organization is doing everything possible to protect data.  

For more information on training, locations and schedules, contact SMP Support at [email protected]

Customer Portal

For many years, we’ve used the Document Detective Support email inbox to intake support requests and have tracked them through a separate system. In an effort to streamline the support process and provide enhanced tracking, improved triage and better response times, we have transitioned our support intake to the SMP Support portal powered by ZenDesk as of May 1, 2020. Support requests - including licensing requests - should be submitted directly through this portal at https://mantech-smp.zendesk.comAny and all communication regarding the support request will take place in this portal.  The portal houses our Documentation and Knowledge Base articles, providing you an opportunity of self-service support in answering any installation or configuration related questions you may have.

The Document Detective Customer Portal has been retired as of May 1, 2020. Going forward, the Document Detective software will be available to registered users on the new Document Detective Portal at https://sentrisportal.mantech.com/docdetective.

How to Purchase

To purchase Document Detective software, or for any sales inquiries please contact us at [email protected] 

For Document Detective license pricing and more information, please visit the Products Price Schedule  

For Document Detective training pricing and more information, please visit the Training Price Schedule  

Points of Contact

Sales: [email protected]

Registered Users: https://mantech-smp.zendesk.com