ManTech 2018 Interns
ManTech’s Intern Experience helps strengthen the technical knowledge base of tomorrow’s workforce. Our interns are valued employees

Over the past 50 years, ManTech has continued to lead, grow and provide our customers with innovative technology and solutions across the U.S. Defense Department, State Department, NASA and the intelligence community. With such a diverse customer base, we continue to expand our presence -- both organically and through acquisitions. 

When asked by students, veterans or industry contacts how ManTech achieved so much growth over the years, I always point to the obvious answer: our people. 

Whether ManTech acquires a new company or hires a college intern, our first priority is for any new team member to understand that who we are sets the foundation for our core values.

Our People Make Us Strong

Our employees’ passion for mission, creativity and leadership reinforce our reputation and ensure the success of our company.

This summer, I worked with ManTech’s interns and many of our technical leaders who helped guide the students’ foray into the professional world of government services. Our interns are paid for their work and they do much more than conduct mundane tasks that can be counter-motivating to those who expect to technically engage and directly support the mission.

Our People Make Us Innovative

When it comes to attracting top talent, developing leaders and training the next generation of innovators, we laud as a major peer differentiator our company’s practice of placing our people first. This is why we invest in our interns. The ManTech Intern Experience strengthens the technical knowledge base of tomorrow’s workforce. It offers an opportunity for leaders to engage and learn from a generation that is tech savvy and insatiable consumers of data. Our interns are valued employees and we treat them as part of the ManTech family.  

Our People are Recognized & Rewarded

ManTech’s Technical Recognition Awards Program is one such initiative that creates an environment for employees to be creative, share successes and accomplish innovative work, so vital to the company’s success.

Our People are Well Trained

National security priorities drive our customers’ missions. Ensuring they meet those priorities entails timely and consistent training. Our staff can leverage the training provided through our renowned ManTech University or via a number of higher educational institutions with which ManTech has forged partnerships. For instance, we partnered with Purdue University Global to offer tailored cyber degree programs and courses so employees can earn the coveted Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) certification. 

We remain focused on people, as we have for the past 50 years, to attract and retain tomorrow’s leaders today.

Omari J. Faulkner (LTG U.S. Navy Reserves)
ManTech International, Military Ambassador