If there is one thing Charles never feels at work it’s boredom. He is supporting the U.S. State Department in Iraq, a rewarding and challenging responsibility. Charles has answered the call to mission and has lived in a number of countries for his career and most recently, our Alumni feature.

Headshot of Charles D. Collie

When did you first come to work for ManTech?

I first joined the ManTech team back in December 1998 as a staff engineer-systems (II). I have been lucky to work on a number of missions in a number of locations around the globe supporting ManTech and our customers. Here is a list of some of my duty stations during my earlier tenure with ManTech: the Washington, D.C., area; Moscow; Beijing; Frankfurt; and four cities in Iraq – Baghdad, Basra, Hillah and Irbil.

I have a diverse experience background and have held a number of different jobs, including a staff engineer, senior electronics technician, senior field security/surety engineer, industrial radiologist (non-destructive testing), Blue Force Tracking deputy manager in Iraq and now, I’m the senior staff member in Irbil working on the Protective Technology Services contract for the U.S. State Department.

What brought you back?

In November, ManTech was again awarded the contract with the State Department to provide wide-ranging electronic and physical security countermeasure programs to safeguard personnel supporting the State Department mission, both overseas and domestic. This was an opportunity for upward momentum, and of course, to help ManTech with its mission to be the industry leader. I enjoy being part of something bigger than myself. I enjoy making a difference. I hope my supervisors recognize my potential and help me realize bigger and better goals within the company. ManTech never let me down in the past, which is why I was so happy to learn of the opportunity to come back – and the reason why I am still here.

How would you describe ManTech’s culture?

My first 13 years with ManTech were the best of my career and I’m grateful to be back among ManTech’s ranks. What I love most about ManTech’s culture runs the gamut from the company’s approach that everyone works as a team to embracing and recognizing that family members also play important roles toward the company’s success. Additionally, ManTech provides an environment that fosters innovation, growth, a sense of duty, diversity, motivation and a sense of belonging.

Would you refer a friend and what would you tell them about working here?

Yes, I would refer a friend without hesitation. Working at ManTech is, simply put, awesome.