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Our Commitment

ManTech is committed to advancing the health and resilience of the world we live in through our customers and communities. As a company, we hold ourselves accountable by monitoring our greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and gauging how our improvement measures are reducing our emissions footprint. The company’s annual GHG reports reflect a steady improvement in our emissions, and our success in reducing impact to the environment. The ManTech Green Council, which includes representatives across the company, considers ways to help protect our environment.

Our employees passionately serve our communities, making a difference where we work and live. In addition to limiting greenhouse gas emissions across our operations, on some of our contracts we are involved in protecting endangered species, conducting biological surveys, ensuring secure data management including for our geographic information systems.

ManTech takes great pride in our environmental work that includes close observation and mitigation services to help ensure the safety and wellbeing of sea life, birds, fish and wildlife.

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ManTech Environmental Commitment

ManTech is committed to protecting the environment and natural resources as part of our daily operations. Our commitment to compliance, conservation, transparency, communication, and continuous improvement fosters a culture of environmental excellence throughout our organization. To deliver our commitments to environmental protection and stewardship, ManTech strives to:

  • Implement environmentally sound policies designed to reduce our impacts on the environment and our communities.
  • Promote the efficient use of natural resources, including energy and water, and minimize our emissions, including greenhouse gas emissions, and waste.
  • Manage our operations to meet or exceed applicable environmental regulations.
  • Engage with our customers, suppliers, communities and other relevant stakeholders on our environmental impacts and opportunities.
  • Continually seek ways to further improve our environmental performance.

As part of our commitment to the environment, ManTech seeks to monitor and report environmental data relevant to our operations, such as carbon emissions and other relevant data. ManTech is committed to transparency regarding our environmental sustainability through public disclosures on our website.

Sustainability and Energy Conservation

As a company, we continually commit ourselves to sustainability with the same passion for which we pursue business. Our focus areas include our facilities energy use, commuting, business travel, waste management, IT operations and purchasing. Our commitment is to divert as much waste as we can from ending up in the landfill.

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We maintain a small cadre of fuel-efficient vehicles. We continually monitor the fuel-efficiency of our vehicles and make energy-based decisions when replacing, or choosing to not replace, a fleet vehicle. Additionally, we manage, maintain and utilize, when needed, generators at a number of our critical facilities. These are facilities that must remain operational to support national security missions for our customers.


While ManTech does not own any real estate. We work with our landlords to manage the energy systems and sustainable infrastructure in 95% of facility space that our employees work in. The vast majority of the energy we utilize comes from these facilities, and we continue to improve our energy usage by working with our landlords to make efficient upgrades and by making energy-efficient choices when selecting new facility space. We also do not have facilities in foreign countries but are embedded in customer facilities, both internationally and domestically. Usage for those facilities is not included in our reporting.

Air Travel

Our employees travel to support our customers wherever the mission takes them. Additionally, many of our employees commute to either a ManTech facility or a customer location to perform their work.

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While these emission levels are consistent with a company of our type and size, we recognize there is room for improvement. We plan to continue to compile additional years of emission data for comparative purposes and to help inform future actions. We are also constantly improving our green recycling and solar initiatives.

To download a copy of ManTech’s full 2023 Carbon Emissions Report, please see here.

Sustainable Products and Services

ManTech understands the importance of creating sustainability solutions for customers whose critical missions impact our natural environment. Our Environmental, Range, and Sustainability Services (ERSS) division has a reputation for excellence as a leader in the fields of environmental and sustainability planning, regulatory compliance, biological resources, and policy development. We have been providing sustainability solutions for our DoD and commercial customers for over 20 years. Our planners and military operations specialists are key contributors to our Department of Defense customers’ wide-reaching and cross-cutting initiatives in land use, airspace, and sustainability planning, particularly for military training ranges worldwide. ManTech is a true pioneer in the field of military range sustainability, having long been engaged developing and executing comprehensive environmental strategies and compliance programs in support of government and industry. The ERSS division supports work that covers the following areas:

  • Range Complex Master Planning, Range Design and Management Plans
  • Analysis and Planning for Airspace and Encroachment
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Geographic information systems solutions and unmanned aerial systems for data capture
  • Threatened and endangered species management
  • Coastal and biological analysis, surveys and monitoring
  • Sustainment policy development and strategic public outreach/engagement
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