Within our strategic plan we empower our workforce to improve the world around us. It is core to our company and fostered through the integrity of our workforce. The values we lay out for our company are reinforced within our systems, policies, and practices. This approach begins with our Board of Directors and executive management which participate in our ESG process and help direct the enterprise-wide direction of our ESG efforts. This process provides transparency and strategic direction of our ESG activities.

Providing governance and oversight over the strategy, risk, operations, and management of the firm.

ESG Governance at ManTech


ESG is important to ManTech and we place a high premium on ethical leadership and integrity. We also know our shareholders pay close attention to ESG in companies they invest in.

Quotes from our Employees

“I am very happy to be working for a corporation that visibly expresses its support for veterans and active military.”

“Knowing our great company supports us makes each day just a little easier.”

“I just wanted to let you know how I felt about what ManTech has done for their employees since COVID-19 took over the world. I can’t express how grateful and thankful I am that you have taken such a stance for the welfare of your ManTech family.“

“I am very excited to know that ManTech is helping in this global pandemic and I feel proud right now that I work for such a great company.”

“As an employee for over a year, I am well aware that ManTech is a corporation that cares about the greater good of its employees and community involvement."

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ManTech 2023 Carbon Emissions Report - cover