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Are outdated legacy systems, manual processes, compliance requirements, and resource allocation challenges preventing your agency from achieving its financial management goals?

ManTech's Financial Management (FM) Practice can help. Our FM Practice leverages leading commercial software platforms, proven delivery methods, and domain best practices to modernize Federal financial management business processes, delivering automation, agility, and analytics to drive better resource management decisions.

Our solutions include Planning, Programming, Budgeting & Execution (PPBE), Financial Close and Consolidation, Cost Management (Allocations / Working Capital), and Performance Management. Let’s take a closer look at how these solutions can help your agency address common financial management challenges:

Planning, Programming, Budgeting & Execution (PPBE)

Our FM Practice specializes in the systems modernization of Strategy, Plans, Programming, Budget Formulation, Budget Execution, and Performance processes using leading cloud financial planning and analysis commercial software solutions. Our agile and data-driven approach to modernization involves small teams of functional and technical experts who have delivered 15 successful Federal PPBE projects since 2014.

Financial Close and Consolidation

We use leading commercial financial close and consolidation cloud software to improve auditability, compliance, reconciliation, and time-to-close for Federal Agencies in the preparation of statements and automation of the Agency Financial Report (AFR). We have also built a mature Global Model template for government agencies to use that aligns to the Treasury Financial Manual (TFM) and supports the consolidation of multiple general ledgers into a singular unified crosswalk that follows Treasury and regulatory guidance.

Cost Management (Allocations / Working Capital)

Our FM Practice supports the budget, execution, allocation, and reporting processes surrounding Federal cost management activities using our configurable cost allocation modeling in leading commercial software solutions. We help agencies manage working capital, allocate costs, and report results while also helping to comply with regulatory requirements.

Performance Management

ManTech's FM practice leverages its extensive functional knowledge of federal financial processes and operations to develop performance management solutions.  These solutions enable the monitoring and evaluation of the financial performance of government agencies, programs, and initiatives. They integrate data and activities from  budgeting, accounting, reporting, auditing, and operations to determine effective use of resources and outcomes and outputs achieved. . These solutions support departmental goals through accountability, transparency, and efficiency in the use of public resources. 

Definitive Logic’s Financial Management Practice can help your agency address financial management challenges and achieve its financial management goals. With our FM solutions, your agency can modernize its financial management processes, improve efficiency, achieve compliance, and make better resource management decisions.

Contact us to learn more about how ManTech's Financial Management practice can help you with Financial Management.

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