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Transformational talent management

We are enabling a data-driven and frictionless automated workforce management.

Government Human Resources (HR) is undergoing a revolution. It’s a digital transformation where employees demand better visibility into workforce skills and performance. Employees expect improved citizen engagement and modern HR practices. Organizations that want the best talent must have a modern platform to better attract, develop, enable, and retain skilled leaders for the future. Definitive Logic’s trusted human capital management (HCM) team starts with the HR processes, data and systems you have in place. We assess what’s working and what needs to change to improve HR outcomes. Then, aligning your mission goals and strategy with HCM best practices, we guide the next steps in your HR transformation for tomorrow as we aim to streamline and reduce your digital footprint and save money.

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HCM Technology

Our certified core HCM and Talent Management experts in both on-premise and cloud HCM Applications provide Cost Effective, Scalable, Predictive solutions with best practices in mind throughout the implementation and maintenance life cycles. This enables customers to maximize the rate of return on technology investments, improve customer satisfaction and ensure high retention of employee talent.

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Talent & Learning

Finding and hiring skilled workers is just the beginning. We deliver outcome-driven next generation Talent and Learning capabilities to meet your mission objectives. Career leaders and employees require automation tools to track and align goals/career opportunities with enterprise objectives. Our mission support delivers greater visibility into skills and competencies to provide a visual truth about employee and organizational readiness.

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Workforce Analytics

Our technology leaders migrate and integrate workforce data, providing a platform where modern automated analytic tools can produce enhanced visualization and a lifecycle approach to Human Capital Management. These capabilities enable data driven decision-making in areas like recruiting, development, utilization, compensation, retention, and transition.

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