sarah bonforte intern

What are you passionate about?

I am passionate about giving my all to what I do, whether it be learning a new skill or repeating an activity I do every day. To me, focusing on the quality of what I do allows me to get a fulfilling experience out of anything I put my mind to — career-wise, academically, and socially. Staying present and fully dedicating myself to opportunities given to me ensures I don’t take anything for granted. I like to remind myself that life is too short to not enjoy what I do. 
What do you like most about ManTech?

ManTech does a wonderful job providing me with freedom and independence as a worker, even as an intern. My bosses trust me to independently correspond with subcontractors and contribute to meetings, which is not something other people my age can say they’ve done. I am grateful for the opportunities I’ve been given to work hands-on with government contracts. Also, of course, I’ve loved getting to know my coworkers and other interns. ManTech wouldn’t be what it is without the welcoming and supportive people I’ve met along the way. 
How have you balanced your internship, school, and home life?

Setting boundaries and goals for myself has been beneficial to balancing my internship and home life. At the beginning of each day, I write down everything I want to accomplish. From there, I map out my day and set my work hours. Most importantly, I allow myself breaks throughout the day.  
How will this internship help to advance your career?

I am thankful for ManTech for giving me such a comprehensive internship. Not only have I gained more experience working in the capture management world, but I have also met countless professionals with expertise in other areas if I am ever interested in seeking other networking opportunities. This internship has provided me a better idea of what I like to do as well as things that aren’t my cup of tea — which is completely normal! 
What advice do you have for someone thinking of interning/working at ManTech?

Know yourself! Know your strengths, passions, and what you want out of an experience. It’s not worth your time to pursue a career opportunity where you know your head won’t be in the game. Having this strong understanding of your goals and being able to market them will help you in the long run. Do your research, and if in doubt, reach out and ask questions. Everything will work out in the end! 

Sarah is a senior at the College of William & Mary.