By Jack Angelo

This year, according to analysts, the cost of cybercrime is expected to top $6 trillion. The U.S. government has authorized $17.4 billion for cyber-related activities for the current fiscal year.

Securing vital national IT and network assets from cybercriminals of all stripes – from solo black hat types to even more sinister and highly-funded nation state hackers (think the PRC’s Unit 61398 and Russia’s foreign intelligence service APT29) – is a big, serious and intensely complex business. Conventional hacks like rootkit infections, DNS hijacking, man-in-the-middle and man-on-the-side attacks are child’s play compared to today’s AI and bot-driven threats, which attack at speed to find and exploit vulnerabilities, and own or crash entire systems.

ManTech, a market leader in cyber master and trusted partner of government, has the solution. Based on deep research of offensive cyber, our approach outsmarts cybercriminals via a sophisticated strategy that out-thinks attackers by leveraging our integrated technology focus areas (TFAs): Cognitive Cyber, A3 (analytics, automation & AI), enterprise IT and cloud, Intelligent Systems Engineering, and Data at the Edge or D@tE.

ManTech’s methodology is center stage in safeguarding the digital assets of customers across the Defense, Intelligence and Federal Civilian Sectors, is deployed by DISA and in many ways serves as the model for the Defense Industrial Base (DIB). We are experts in key areas ranging from Digital Forensics to Cyber Training, agile Technical Solutions, Vulnerability disclosure and OpSec for federal and defense law enforcement and counter-intelligence work.

Examples of our work:

  • Zero Trust. By shifting network security and data access from perimeters and firewalls to the end point and user, ManTech makes end-to-end security the principal foundation of all network and IT systems. Users are granted access to permitted areas only and continuously evaluated for even the slightest anomalous behavior or change of location. All areas except those specifically allowed are invisible to the user.
  • Analytics & Automation. Whatever the volume, speed or diversity of data type, ManTech’s A3 capabilities take you to high-value, actionable insights relevant to intrusion analysis supporting all branches of the government, military and federal law enforcement. We are Bringing Digital to the MissionTM in ways that leverage sophisticated automation for maximum impact. We speed predictive analytics with machine learning and build neural networks that surpass cyber criminals’ efforts at AI. Need IT modernization and data intelligence at speed? Together with our partner, Google Cloud, ManTech has IT transformation covered via hybrid, solo or multi-cloud environments and hyperscale analytics.
  • Vulnerability Disclosure. ManTech is a market leader in vulnerability research and Computer Network Operations (CNO). Our ACRE and Space Range solutions create safe duplicate twins of government customers’ networks -- and test them with live malware to find any weak spots and recommend the proper patches. We continue to set the industry standard for ranges that spot weaknesses quickly and thoroughly, train cyber warriors in tactical response to attacks, and empower customers to kill cybercrime on contact.


For more information contact Jack Angelo at [email protected]