ManTech’s ACRE® solution was recently profiled by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) in their NITAAC Solutions Showcase.

ACRE® is a unique physical and virtualized cyber range that brings best-in-class cyber defense expertise to a new generation of professionals.

NITAAC, the NIH IT Acquisition and Assessment Center, enables any federal civilian or DoD agency to procure IT products solutions and services via the CIO-SP3, CIO-SP 3 Small Business and CIO-CS contracts.

Federal agencies now have the ability to contract for the ACRE® solution through ManTech’s CIO-SP3 contract.


ACRE® facilitates cyber training exercises by replicating or simulating client networks. These simulations can include realistic network traffic, virtual user behavior, physics-based modeling (for moving cyber assets), unconstrained malware and other destructive techniques.

This environment can then be used to support digital engineering, risk reduction analysis, insider threat modeling, information assurance, cyber testing activities, technology injection and hands-on cyber training and exercises.

The key is that with ACRE®, agencies no longer have to worry about doing permanent damage to their active networks while testing updates and performing cybersecurity scenarios to train their employees.

“ManTech is proud to offer our unique ACRE® cyber range solution through our association with NITAAC and the CIO-SP3 contract vehicle,” said Chip Taylor, ManTech Vice President of Government-wide Procurement Advisory Center.

“For more than a decade, our proven cyber range capabilities and ongoing innovations have supported thousands of testing, training, and exercise missions within the DOD. Through NITAAC, these capabilities are now available to all federal agencies.”

Tim Schaad, ManTech Technical Executive Director, ACRE, said, “With usecases ranging from technology development, evaluation & insertion to globally distributed cyber training & exercise to model-based systems engineering & digital twinning, ACRE can help agencies more effectively prepare their people, process and technologies to withstand continuously evolving cyber threats. We invite you to put our solution (and solutioners!) to the test.”

Space Range

ManTech has recently adapted the ACRE platform to the unique threats and vulnerabilities in the space domain with the ManTech’s Space Range. Space Range expands ManTech’s robust, scalable and hyper-realistic range to encompass the unique requirements of a cyber infrastructure supporting a space enterprise.

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